moon phases

Waning Moon; getting smaller, moving from Full Moon to New Moon.

Waxing Moon; getting bigger, moving from New Moon to Full Moon.

It takes about 14 days for a New Moon to appear.

from the book Moon Magick...

"For centuries, women were the calendar-keepers, priestesses, healers, and advisors of the clans because of their ability to communicate with the powers of the Moon Goddess.  Men learned to read the Moon's seasonal passages for use in hunting and farming.  All early people knew that no human was unaffected by the Moon and her mystical powers...

Everyone is Moon touched, or influenced, some just more than others.  About one third of all people have a Full Moon in their natal astrological chart.  These people are highly sensitive and emotional, with intense reactions each time the Moon re-enters its natal sign...

Humans cannot escape the influences of the Moon, whether they believe in it or not.  The Moon touches the lives of all people in one way or another..."