Express Creative Process Reading

Creative Force 

The Power behind the force; what do I need to nurture my process and turn my dreams into reality.

Seven of Pentacles

Briefly:A bonus or raise is in the near future.

Full Meaning: The picture on this card shows a fit young man leaning on a rake.  He is in a garden overflowing with healthy foliage, and in the background are mountains.  He is obviously a hard working man going about his business, yet with an eye to the future.  There are seven coins on the card depicting that he will gain financially from his efforts.  There could also be a bonus in the near future for him, as most of the coins are in front of him.  If this card represents yourself, you could be about to start a new job or earn an extra bonus in your pay packet.  Or perhaps someone may actually assist you by guiding you towards a lucrative financial investment. You may also distance yourself from where you now live to earn a new living.

Ethereal Essence 

Essence of the force; what choices do I need to make in order to begin this journey.

King of Cups

Briefly:There is success ahead for you, especially if you follow your instincts.

Full Meaning: The picture on this card shows a good looking, blue eyed, clean shaven man.  He is wearing a head-dress of some type and is heavily draped in colourful clothing.  He carries a wand in his left hand and a cup in his right.  He appears regal and conservative.  His calm outer nature may disguise a very gentle and sensitive soul. He may be born under a water sign of either Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.  He is compassionate, caring and considerate to others needs.  In the background there is the ocean, which partly reflects his nature as being deep and potentially mysterious.  If you are this man, you are on your way to reaching your goals.  There is success ahead for you, especially if you follow your instincts at every turn.  If you are a woman and you draw this card, you may be about to meet him and he will play a pivotal role in your life and may even become your husband.  He will be protective of you and look upon the family as his most significant inspiration and reason for happiness.


Feelings and senses associated with the process. What will assist and guide me during this time.

Two of Wands

Briefly:Time to consider a new move in your life that will make big changes to your existing living arrangements.

Full Meaning: This card shows a man with part of his back to us and he is holding a staff in one hand and a globe of the world in the other and is looking out towards a distant mountain. He appears to be studious and in deep concentration. He may be seriously considering his future. He is tall and well built and wears a cloak for warmth.
This can suggest that you are about to consider a new move in your life that will make big changes to your existing living arrangements. You may actually uproot yourself and move to another country, another state or another town. Your job is obviously undergoing some kind of transformation and you may be breaking new ground with some new endeavour. This will require your time, your patience and your strong belief in yourself that you can do anything you set out to do.
You could be presented with a rather unique opportunity that leads you on to pursue your wildest dreams. Or you may have developed your own vision or idea and be in the process of bringing this all to fruition by your very own hands. Don't let others sidetrack you at this stage, for you are vulnerable to suggestion and may listen to some bad advice or discouragement. Trust in your own wisdom and you will ultimately have the last laugh.


Vision and logic of the creative process. What lessons and guides should I listen for.

Nine of Wands

Briefly:A time of waiting, of being patient while the crop ripens or the project matures.

Full Meaning: This card has a picture a robust man leaning on a wand with another 8 wands stood up behind him. This is a time of waiting, of being patient while the crop ripens or the project matures. We need to understand that stability arises out of wisdom and patience. Haste and immaturity do not assist our plans at a time like this. We need to develop the sense of endurance and being in it for the long haul. We must persevere and be able to see that nothing of value or no-one of merit arrives prior to the right time. If we can maintain our steadfastness during the period before fruition, then the harvest will reap a healthy profit. It may be time to do things that represent protection, such as battening down the hatches, fixing the fences or the gate or door and ensuring that all is safe within the home. Perhaps we need some other financial protection such as a nest egg, a new savings project or even some insurance of some kind, whether personal or for our belongings. Trust in the old saying that 'all comes to those who wait'.


Completion, the density or finished manifestation. The outcome based on the current path.

Three of Cups

Briefly:Good fortune to come your way.

Full Meaning: The picture on this card is of three lovely looking women and they are wearing hairpieces made of flowers and leaves and there is foliage in the background as well. Each of them holds up high a cup in celebration. On the ground are variety of fruits. This is a card of celebration and abundance. If you draw this card you can expect some type of good fortune to come your way and you will share your goodies with those near and dear to you. A gathering of at least three women will occur to toast the special occasion or event that has just happened or is just about to happen. Perhaps someone is getting engaged or married. It could very well be your own engagement. One woman has dark short hair, the second one has long blonde hair, whilst the third is a redhead.

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