Express Creative Process Reading

Creative Force 

The Power behind the force; what do I need to nurture my process and turn my dreams into reality.

Two of Pentacles

Briefly:A choice between two options.

Full Meaning: This card shows a young man with a cap on his head. He holds two pentacles, signifying a choice between two options. He is indecisive about where to put his time and his energy. He may also feel that his accumulation of funds needs to be weighed and considered as to where it would benefit him the most in the future. He could be offered two different jobs and will deliberate until he feels comfortable in his decision. He may join the army, navy or some other adventurous form of work. There is likely to be some good news or an offer arrives from overseas. The ocean is in the background signifying that he is a sensitive soul and has great compassion.

Ethereal Essence 

Essence of the force; what choices do I need to make in order to begin this journey.

Ace of Cups

Briefly:There is some abundance coming into the life of the person who draws this card. Whatever is wished for will be granted

Full Meaning: The picture on this card shows a large cup being held in a hand and in the cup the contents are flowing over the side and in the background is a large white done. There is a watery background and some flowers and greenery. This symbolises that there is some abundance coming into the life of the person who draws this card. Whatever is wished for will be granted. Either a new love, a new location or other significant new start is possible and will occur within a relatively short span of time. If the health has not been so good, then this will be improved radically. If you have your sights set on some specific accomplishment, it is likely to be achieved. Take a leap of faith and trust in the future.


Feelings and senses associated with the process. What will assist and guide me during this time.

Six of Swords

Briefly:This is a card of travel and usually means going over water, though can mean an ocean voyage specifically.

Full Meaning: Aren't you lucky if you draw this card? You may be about to take off to further horizons and go exploring. This is a card of travel and usually means going over water, though can mean an ocean voyage specifically. You are usually not going alone, there is someone else with you. It is also a card showing that you are protected in some way or someone is looking after you and your needs at this time. It is time to relax and enjoy yourself and take time out to explore other parts of this wonderful world we live in. It is quite an adventurous card and shows that you are ready for new experiences and will welcome whatever changes arise. Your longing for distant shores also means that your life may have been becoming a little stagnant of late, and you need fresh air and a change of scenery. Go some place you have never been before and allow yourself to flow with the winds of change.


Vision and logic of the creative process. What lessons and guides should I listen for.

Five of Cups

Briefly:5 days associated with an event that will not be so happy or positive.

Full Meaning: This card shows a man with his head lowered and he is facing the ocean and a cliff top in the distance. On the ground in front if him is three cups spilling out red liquid. Behind him are two cups. He looks sad and alone. The dark clouds in the sky signify sadness. There is a time frame of about five days associated with an event that will not be so happy or positive. However, all things must eventually come to an end and we experience pain and hurt because we are human. Even though the person is experiencing some loss, there is still hope and this is symbolised by the two cups behind him, suggesting that he cannot see this at this point in time, but it is definitely there. This man will eventually pick up the pieces and move on, but has to grieve his loss as he is a human being and will feel this way for some time before he can be healed and renewed. The card often symbolises winter, but can also represent a cold time in the persons life, or there is a separation of some type that is causing this temporary sadness. When the time has passed he will see that there is always hope for a new life and he will start anew, but it may be in a new season such as Spring.


Completion, the density or finished manifestation. The outcome based on the current path.

Page of Wands

Briefly:Time to go where angels fear to tread and live.

Full Meaning: What a gorgeous young man depicted on this card. He looks romantic and adventurous and daring to go out there and conquer the world and meet his destiny, wherever that may be and with whoever he is yet to meet. He is warm and sensitive and challenged by the adventure of life itself. He knows no fears for he is too young yet to know what that means. He is daring and forthright and persistent to get his needs met. He likes to travel far and wide and will not be restrained by what others want him to do. His life is his own and he knows that he alone owns it. He cannot tolerate lies, deception or unwholesomeness. He welcomes change and will go off on a tangent and leave town on a whim. He knows no boundaries of mind or soul. He has gained some skills in life and has a feather in his cap, so to speak. He will go where angels fear to tread and live the simple life if at all possible. He is poetic and also loves life and learning new skills.

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