Express Creative Process Reading

Creative Force 

The Power behind the force; what do I need to nurture my process and turn my dreams into reality.

Three of Wands

Briefly:The seeker of knowledge and truth. He searches until he finds what he is looking for.

Full Meaning: This card depicts a man with his back to us though revealing part of his face as he looks out over the hillside. He holds a wand in his hand which has three leaves sprouting from it signifying growth and abundance. In front of him is another wand and behind him the third wand. He is contemplating his future and possibly the journey ahead of him. In the distance are mountains with high peaks. It appears to be an almost barren environment, warm and dry. However he has with him the symbols of growth and can plant wherever he sees fit. He wants to settle down, but must first wander and roam until he finds his true home. This card too is the seeker of knowledge and truth. He searches until he finds what he is looking for.

Ethereal Essence 

Essence of the force; what choices do I need to make in order to begin this journey.

Nine of Swords

Briefly:An amount of inner tension that needs to find an outlet.

Full Meaning: When you draw this card you are experience a huge amount of inner tension that needs to find an outlet. You could feel you are in a stranglehold situation in various areas of your life and it may seem insurmountable at this time. However, this is quite a temporary state of affairs. All you really have to do is decide what it is that you really want to do about your life and current situation, and then start the wheels in motion to bring it about. This card is also about thoughts and how your thinking is strongly affecting your actions. If your thoughts are depressed, then you may find that you don't quite know just yet how to change anything. All is not lost. You just need to try to alter your thinking slightly and soon you will gain a new perspective. It is just a matter of a little time to allow the thought process to really sink in and then you can take the required action to do what it is necessary to change your life. The amount of time required may also very well correspond with the number nine, e.g. nine days or nine weeks or in the ninth month of September may somehow be relevant. Whatever you do, don't allow other people to make your decisions at this point in time, for you may be very misled and later regret whatever action you took that was not your own true wish.


Feelings and senses associated with the process. What will assist and guide me during this time.

Page of Wands

Briefly:Time to go where angels fear to tread and live.

Full Meaning: What a gorgeous young man depicted on this card. He looks romantic and adventurous and daring to go out there and conquer the world and meet his destiny, wherever that may be and with whoever he is yet to meet. He is warm and sensitive and challenged by the adventure of life itself. He knows no fears for he is too young yet to know what that means. He is daring and forthright and persistent to get his needs met. He likes to travel far and wide and will not be restrained by what others want him to do. His life is his own and he knows that he alone owns it. He cannot tolerate lies, deception or unwholesomeness. He welcomes change and will go off on a tangent and leave town on a whim. He knows no boundaries of mind or soul. He has gained some skills in life and has a feather in his cap, so to speak. He will go where angels fear to tread and live the simple life if at all possible. He is poetic and also loves life and learning new skills.


Vision and logic of the creative process. What lessons and guides should I listen for.

Knight of Cups

Briefly:You may be on the receiving end of a proposal or proposition.

Full Meaning: This card shows a man dressed in armor. He is holding a cup, as if offering it to someone on front of him.  In the background is a blue sky, a river and some mountains and lush green trees and grass. It appears to be a Spring day.  The man is clean shaven and good looking.  He wears his uniform proudly.  If this is you, then you may be about to propose to the object of your affection.  If this is someone you know, then you may be on the receiving end of a proposal or proposition from this man.  He is affectionate and caring and offers his pledge with sincerity and love.  There could also be a new job offer and this may also involve a place at a distance.


Completion, the density or finished manifestation. The outcome based on the current path.

Six of Cups

Briefly:There are fortunate and fun events coming if you allow yourself time to stop and smell the roses.

Full Meaning: This card shows a young girl and a young boy facing each other and around them are six cups filled with flowers. This is often associated with memories of past events, in youth or with your early family life. Perhaps someone from your past catches up with you and brings some good news into your life. It is also a card suggesting that you allow the child within to come out and have some fun and get togethers with those you care about. The season can be representative of Spring or Summer and also suggesting that that time will bring happiness and contentment. You may also be on the receiving end of some lovely gifts, and sometimes particularly flowers. There are fortunate and fun events coming if you allow yourself time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak and to get out there amongst others in the world and socialise. You may also purchase new clothes during the coming few months.

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