Express Creative Process Reading

Creative Force 

The Power behind the force; what do I need to nurture my process and turn my dreams into reality.

Wheel of Fortune

Briefly:This card is a delight to arrive in your reading. Not only can it bring about an unusual turn of events that are quite fortunate for you.

Full Meaning:

This card is a delight to arrive in your reading. Not only can it bring about an unusual turn of events that are quite fortunate for you, but that you are finally taking the lead in the direction of your own life and your ultimate destiny. This card suggests not so much that events happen to you, but rather that you instigate many major changes to bring about a new life with new challenges and renewed hope. You may decide to leave a job, leave a partner, or go overseas and the decisions you make with regards to these will be so swift that you will shatter some people's impressions that you were once a stable and slow mover. Now all things must change, and change swiftly.

If you should happen to win the lottery or some other good fortune befalls you, make sure you know exactly what you want to do with your new-found freedom, independence and wealth. The bolt out of the blue is likely to happen just when you thought you were in a rut and didn't anticipate anything was going to alter.

Opportunities can arise thick and fast and leave you gasping for air between this offer and that. Don't allow anyone to push you into anything you are unsure of.

Ethereal Essence 

Essence of the force; what choices do I need to make in order to begin this journey.

Queen of Cups

Briefly:You could be about to achieve a position that is very dear to your heart or perhaps child birth or a wedding.

Full Meaning: The picture on this card shows a beautiful woman, dressed in a gown that could be a wedding dress.  She is holding a cup between her hands as if she has just been given this by someone in front of her.  She has lovely blonde hair that is braided and she wears pearl earrings and some pearls around her hair.  She wears an elaborate head dressing and her entire focus is dedicated to the cup she is holding.  She is seated beside the ocean. If this is you, then you may be about to get married or even have your first child.  You are sensitive and caring and very family orientated.  You are immaculately well groomed and have great pride in your appearance. You could be about to achieve a position that is very dear to your heart.  If this is not you, then someone you know already, or whom you are about to meet, who is described by this card is about to enter your life and make a huge impact on your lifestyle.


Feelings and senses associated with the process. What will assist and guide me during this time.

Knight of Pentacles

Briefly:A message of good news to someone who really needs it.

Full Meaning: The picture on this card shows a man in a suit of armour riding a horse. He carries a large pentacle in his right hand. He moves forward confidently yet keeping a keen eye out for any obstacles in his path.  He is delivering a message of good news to someone who needs it.  This may be a financial opportunity coming your way, or you have just won the lottery.  He is the bearer of good news, so welcome him with open arms and be sure to give him some refreshment on arrival to your door. If you have just started a new business venture with a friend, this will prove to be a sound investment in your future.


Vision and logic of the creative process. What lessons and guides should I listen for.

Nine of Pentacles

Briefly:You are coming into a position of prominence.

Full Meaning: The picture on this card shows a very attractive, if not beautiful, looking woman who is dressed in lovely threads and wears a string of pentacles hanging around her lovely neck. She wears a detailed head dress over her hair, and she has a turquoise attached to the front of this with a spray of plumes coming out of the top. She has a beautiful ruby and diamond ring on her right hand and on her left hand she wears a leather glove. Sitting on this hand is a rather exotic looking bird, which is obviously a pet of hers. She looks serene, content and happy. Her eyes are dark and hypnotic, her lips are full and inviting. She wears lovely pearl earrings and her whole presence is one of luxury and adornment. She is surrounded by foliage and grapes. If you are this woman you are coming into a position of prominence. If you are a woman and this is not you, it could be a new friend on your horizon, one who will stand by you in times of need. If you are a male, this woman could become a pivotal figure in your future and may even end up being your wife.


Completion, the density or finished manifestation. The outcome based on the current path.

Eight of Pentacles

Briefly:A keen eye for details may lead to you gaining a financial increase.

Full Meaning: The picture on this card shows a light haired man diligently working over a table laden with coins. He has a hammer in his right hand and an engraving implement in his left hand. He is studiously working away making the coins with his hands. He is strong, muscular and very attentive to details. On the wall behind him are the results of his hard work, various pentacles displayed there for all to see, like awards. If you are this man then are you industrious and will lend a hand wherever possible. You have a keen eye for details and can be counted on to finish the days tasks. You may be about to come into a financial increase of some kind, which may be by your own efforts, or given to you for your own generosity in the past. If you are a woman you may be about to meet this man and he will be a loyal companion and a devoted husband and father if you choose to become united with him. He will be a good provider and keen to see that you get your needs met in every way.

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