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Daily Horoscopes

Friday, May 2016


March 21 to April 19

Friday through Sunday offer many small accomplishments to Arians who make the effort, most of which are connected to property or family members. This is a social time.


April 20 to May 20

Taurean natives seem to possess a touch of eloquence during Friday through Sunday, being quite useful in making an impression on someone who counts.


May 21 to June 20

Financial matters are favoured during Friday through Sunday and may be connected to foreign and interstate sources, as well as advertising. This trend is good for professional income.


June 21 to July 22

Cancerians will feel things quite deeply during Friday through Sunday. Apart from becoming emotional over personal matters, finances could also be an issue.


July 23 to August 22

Friday through Sunday is a time when you will want to be closely connected to people, and will most likely focus on your partner. You need some quiet time together.


August 23 to September 22

You should greatly enjoy your tasks during Friday through Sunday, but may be troubled over the welfare of a friend then. You will do what you can to help.


September 23 to October 22

Friday through Sunday can be quite delightful days for all matters connected to children, romance and recreational activities. There may also be a little luck in speculation.


October 23 to November 21

There is close involvement with family indicated during Friday through Sunday, including contact from relatives who do not live close-by. There are good things happening!


November 22 to December 21

Emotional issues may influence your mind during Friday through Sunday. However, personal communications should be enhanced by an emotional touch.


December 22 to January 19

Friday through Sunday should see you focused on financial issues involving another party, most likely a spouse or business partner, because of the financial activity indicated by trends.


January 20 to February 18

Issues of health and work will catch up with you during Friday through Sunday. It would be wise to take extra care with your diet and sanitary conditions then.


February 19 to March 20

Pisceans will generally enjoy time away from the crowd on Friday through Sunday, so they can indulge in their fantasies or utilise their creative skills.