Friday, April 2017


January 20 to February 18

A taste for life infuses your soul with vitality during April 29, 30, making this a generally sociable time. However, your social expectations might not be realised.


On the Full Moon, your ruler, Uranus, is kissing the Sun in Aries and forms a double Cardinal T-square in the Heavens! Your desire for freedom and independence comes to fruition but much hard work lies ahead. Allies almost magically appear, so be of good cheer! Your shining light can be a beacon for others at his time. On the New Moon, Uranus is in a Grand Trine of Fire as is conjoins retrograde Mercury! Tapping into both old and new resources is seen! Reconnect with those in the know and call in all the favors owed to you at this time! Your allies will want to help! Most importantly, whistle while you work!