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Friday, July 2016


June 21 to July 22

A preference for solitude is indicated during July 29-31. Perhaps you simply need time to gather your senses as you face life?s challenges. This is also a time for healing.


CANCER JUN 21 - JUL 22 Many Happy Solar Returns, Cancer! This is your month! On the New Moon, the Lights are kissing Mercury in your sign and forming a triple trine to retrograde Neptune in Pisces and they form a triple quincunx to retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius and a triple opposition to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn! Keep kindred souls as well as kin close in this cycle! The Lights form a double sextile to the Head of the Dragon in Virgo! Opportunities for you are many and exercising the gift of discernment is imperative! Do the research! On the Full Moon, your ruler is in Capricorn forming a Cardinal T-square with the Sun in your sign and Uranus in Aries! The Moon also forms a sextile to Mars in Scorpio! Use your instincts from the depth of your being and simply do your personal best! Cling to your integrity now!