Sunday, February 2017


September 23 to October 22

The harmony of love will be all enveloping during February 25 to March 12, creating a wonderful sense of belonging. For many, this will mean marriage or simply meeting the right person to fill a gap in your life. In business terms, these same trends offer the potential for a profitable partnership.


On the Lunar Eclipse, your ruler, Venus, is in Aries and it forms a quincunx to the Head of the Dragon and a sweet sextile to Mercury in Aquarius. This is a wonderful time to participate in group activities of all kinds. The emphasis is on creating a think tank with kindred souls or finding your tribe! Get out there! On the Solar Eclipse, Venus is still in Aries but forms no major angles to the traditional planets. Simple and honest self-expression is seen! Conversations you were hesitant to address can flow easily now. Others seem to have much respect and appreciation for your insights! Soar!