Tuesday, July 2014


February 19 to March 20

July 29-August 1 have the potential for bringing special romantic moments into the lives of Pisceans because of an increased sensitivity to others, whilst other people are drawn to Pisces through their social contacts.


PISCES FEB 19 - MAR 19 On this Full Moon, your ruler, Neptune, is retrograde in Pisces and makes no major aspects to the traditional planets. This is not a time of completion for you but rather a time to simply perpetuate your imaginative and intuitive flow. Memories loom large now and creating a scrapbook would be a fabulous idea. On the New Moon, Neptune is in trine to Venus in Cancer. Love can be relaxed, comfortable and fun. Choose to be with those who are sensitive and kind. It is also endearing to spend time with someone you have not seen in a bit as you can easily see each other’s progress and changes. This light heart sharing can also be quite illuminating! Choose to spend a day by the water as this deepens your intuitive flow!