Friday, March 2015


February 19 to March 20

March 27-29 produce abundant opportunities for work, although there is a desire simply to enjoy life and do nothing! You?ll be dreaming of faraway places.


PISCES FEB 19 - MAR 19 On this Full Moon, your ruler, Neptune, is in Pisces, in square to Saturn in Sagittarius and quincunx the Head of the Dragon in Libra. Where has all the time gone? What happened to the trip to a foreign land or the musical instrument you wanted to learn to play? There is a feeling of disquietude as it is time for you to grow again. Let your intuition rest on this and see what you can manifest. On the Solar Eclipse, all the doors will open for you to become new! The Lights are in the last degree of your sign, breathing into Aries as they form a double trine to Saturn, now retrograde. Mercury and Neptune are kissing and forming a double quincunx to the Head of the Dragon. Miracles and epiphanies are abundant for you now. You feel so ALIVE! Follow your highest inspiration! Gleam!