Thursday, August 2014


February 19 to March 20

The words that are exchanged are none too pleasant and full of excessive emotion. Be careful not to allow yourself to be pulled into this fracas, which will leave you feeling dissatisfied.


PISCES FEB 19 - MAR 19 On the Full moon, your ruler, Neptune, is retrograde in Pisces and in trine to Mars in Scorpio as it forms a quincunx to Jupiter in Leo! You may be experiencing stirs of wanderlust in this cycle! Where would you love to travel to and who with? Time to turn dreams into reality! Plan ahead! Perhaps this is a time to visit the home of your ancestors and experience a spiritual epiphany! On the New Moon, Neptune opposes the Lights in Virgo! This is a busy time mentally and you may not be able to find the off button when it is time to rest for the night. To mitigate this influence, share your thoughts with others or write them in a journal. Your psychic energy is a bit on overload so be sure to spend time with those who calm your spirit! Use music to take you to slumberland!