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Saturday, July 2016


August 23 to September 22

Because of the desire to quickly whisk through your schedules, a few problems may arise from Friday through Sunday. Don?t gloss over important paperwork or discussions.


VIRGO AUG 23 - SEP 22 On the New Moon, your ruler, Mercury, is in Cancer and in a trillium with the Lights! They form a triple quincunx to retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius and a triple trine to retrograde Neptune in Pisces! Use every creative bone in your body for your home, garden or artists palette! Us your culinary skills as well! Avoid working on vehicles and stay off ladders just now! Everything else is inspiration! On the Full Moon, Mercury has moved on into Leo and is conjunct Venus as they form a double quincunx to retrograde Neptune in Pisces and form a double trine to retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius! Leave the chores to another time and spend time with a night out on the town or attending a gathering of close friends or family! It is time to laugh and linger in good natured conversation! Live it up!