Monday, February 2016


August 23 to September 22

New conditions will come into being around your health or working conditions in the two weeks from February 9. The potential for achievement is great, so work with it.


VIRGO AUG 23 - SEP 22 On the New Moon, your ruler, Mercury is in Capricorn, kissing Venus, in trine to retrograde Jupiter and the Head of the Dragon in Virgo, and in sextile to Chiron kissing the Tail of the Dragon in Pisces! This is an extremely constructive and re-constructive time for you! Projects go best when you share them with one other! If you belong to a club, group or organization that is dedicated to help the community where you live you can be offered a chair on the board! Be bold and imaginative but do not shock them too much with your zeal! This Full Moon is in your sign calling you to finish up! Your ruler, Mercury has moved into Aquarius and conjoins Venus! Love and friendship flourishes in this cycle for you and spontaneous entertainment is easy to find! Enjoy the essence of each person you meet now! Gleam!