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“Bold brave and inventive” is your mantra for 2015 my friends, as rarely have planets conspired to offer you such freedom of creative expression and fresh pathways to do your pioneering thing! In the general global mess out there you are the dudes and gals whose job it is to pave the way for the exciting new inventions and technologies that will bring our new systems into being beyond the old stale models that don’t work anymore. So think big and go for it in these times of global revolution & change.  Your ruling planet Mars starts the year in crazy, progressive, dare to be different Aquarius in aspect with expansive Jupiter suggesting some kind of crazy unexpected start to your year…not bad…just a surprise of some kind. This triggers a brand new phase in group and team enterprises with your purpose being to contribute to positive developments within our world. This sets the tone for 2015 as Jupiter’s passage through Leo since mid-14 till mid-15 assures you of splendid openings, increased confidence, good luck and growth with and through your kids. Your own inner child is demanding freedom to explore totally innovative territory so give him/her full permission to shine and radiate your loving heart. Downside here can be becoming a bit too pleased with yourself…also known as narcissism… so act like a humble ram and make sure you support everyone around you into their creative potential, as you develop your own.  Early March and late July are optimum times for launching new gigs, flying the coop and generally saying yes to fabulous options. From August Jupiter heads into Virgo for a year, opening excellent daily ‘work and service’ growth thus organizing and setting up systems for the fresh stuff you initiate in the first half of the year, will be imperative to ensure major career outcomes by 2020. Astro cycles are just wonderful for long time strategic planning! This is also a great time for setting new health goals. Revolutionary Uranus continues his passage through your sign (2011 till 2018) so for those born 2nd -11th  April it’s your turn for major shifts & changes beyond any other time before in your life! Yep its big kids and by years’ end you will have either stepped into a fresh set of options, or achieved this by someone else saying ‘hey it’s time to stand in your own power’ (and stop feeding off mine). As your desire for freedom and space inspires you to fresh horizons your evolution now also demands the wisdom to look before you leap and move beyond any old angry/aggressive patterns that may still be hindering your ability to relate and co-operate with others. Saturn entering Sagittarius for the first time in 30 years is also excellent news for you as he opens a new 2 year period in your ‘higher leaning, purpose and international’ sector. This may incline you to have a serious look at whether your purpose is aligned with your goals, and If you’ve been sensing it’s time for up-skilling or educating yourself in a new field then this is the energy you need to really apply yourself seriously and go for it. Or perhaps it may be time for you to step up into your potential as a writer or teacher? Saturn also reminds you to be very tolerant of other people’s beliefs and give up old judgments you may hold. This is another liberating feature in what will be a powerful year of growth and change.

You’ve just done a tough couple of years courtesy of task master Saturn in your opposite sign Scorpio, so raise your glass with a big hoorah on NY Eve and bid him farewell and thanks for the lessons! You are stronger than you were and you’ve resolved many old relating issues that were limiting you. Saturn now moves into your ‘shared resources’ sector for the next 2 years so it’s time to sort out and re-structure investments, and as 2015 may be a year of global banking crises get out of the debt machine as much as possible. This is a renovation phase to dig up and clean out old ‘stuff’ both physically and psychologically, so make sure you reprogram any old ‘poverty consciousness’ fears still lurking in your unconscious patterns! Your 2015 mantra is “I am safe, secure and prosperous!” Jupiter in Leo since mid-2014 is sending his expansionary rays into your home and family scene with lots of coming and going as kids fly the coop or new souls arrive to enhance the tribe with fresh inspiration. There’s a big freedom theme in this story as Mars in Aquarius triggers this big time on New Year. This can not only bring sudden shifts on the home front but also in your career sector, where you are meant to step up into fresh techno levels or make like an inventive Bull, who isn’t afraid to innovate and leave stale outmoded bits behind. Lots of fun here if you’re willing to let go and not do your stubborn cow thing. From July Jupiter heads into a very creative phase as he leaps into practical hard working Virgo…yep you’re going to love this, as he offers you fresh territory to add to your re-invention of these strategic years. He will be here until September 2016 bringing increased good fortune on many levels and as he is in your speculation and love’ sector this is very good news indeed! You will feel an increased sense of optimism and confidence and if you’ve been doing the work to heal your security issues this can be a phase of wonderful success. Obviously having a ‘flutter’ here and there is a must, but don’t bet the bank and take time to enjoy your kids as investing time with them now offers true gold into the future. You are the builders and preservers of the Zodiac system with tremendous power at your disposal to be agents of change toward healthy green places and the food we eat so go for it, as 2015 will be a pivotal year when nasty selfish greedy interests must be replaced with healthy sustainable practices. If you work in investment and banking sectors your job is to become part of the new money systems that are arising as positive alternate scenarios, to replace the old broken global banking nonsense that controls and enslaves people. So educate yourself to empower yourself so you don’t get left behind in the chaos of the past! A very positive year ahead for you dear bulls if you step up into ‘sustainable consciousness’.

You’re in enhanced rapid evolution mode as 2015 opens with lots of planets zinging through all the sectors you love best i.e. networking, communication and learning areas are highly stimulated now. So don’t plan on too much time on the couch for the first half of the year as you take advantage of Jupiter in Leo’s opportunities to travel and expand your team/group interactions. There’s a brand new breeze blowing in our world to stir up the old outmoded mindset that is crippling our planet, and you’re just the people to teach and share the stimulating new visions and knowledge for our revolutionary times. These are ‘travellin’ under wide skies’ kind of timings so excellent for international outings for both work and pleasure, plus excellent timing to study and enlarge your tool kit. This all aligns perfectly with another totally important development kicking in from our old mate Saturn who will be in Sagittarius and your partnership zone for the next 2 years. Lots of implications here, and they all involve your ability to focus and direct your energy as never before. When he opposes our sun sign he calls us to grow up and take responsibility for our potential to ‘be the SELF who I really am’. This requires healing and reprogramming any old issues you may still carry about being smart enough or good at communicating. So your mantra is “I am now heard and understood”. This allows you to learn to speak clearly and simply and not overcompensate with too many words without not really saying what you mean, OR undercompensate and be frightened of speaking at all. Once you’re in balance on this you can begin to effectively carry Saturn’s authority in your chosen field and really build your life toward excellent outcomes over the next few years. This will all impact on your relating situations both personally and professionally as Saturn will offer you mirrors for your conscious awareness of these old patterns. Its tres important not to project your fears and perceived limitations onto partners now, as you also take stock of whether old relationships have actually gone past their use by date and be prepared to let them go. Then you may begin to build significant new alliances that will support your outcomes rather than limit them. Social justice and ‘right human relations’ are keynotes of this phase, along with building new PR and marketing strategies for your projects. From August lucky Jupiter heads into Virgo and your home/family territory, initiating 12 months of growth and expansion in the foundations of your life. Ultimately this sets up a new 12 year cycle so by building safe foundations both physically and emotionally you can trust that you will achieve major career outcomes in 6 years’ time! Home renovation or down or up scaling are typical here, along with kids flying the coop or welcoming new members to your tribe so if family members need your support you will be happy to provide it under this influence. You’re in for a terrific year kids if you don’t mind a bit of hard work and are ready to see what you’re really made of.

Shell people have been in a fabo growth phase over the past few years that has inspired you to create healthy new possibilities in your world, as you have also had to let go of lots of old fears and insecurities to allow this! You are ‘the nurturers’ of the Zodiac who are meant to offer safe support to others without buying into their fears and insecurities and ‘over-nurturing’ so people don’t take responsibility for their own lives. Yes it’s a fine line sometimes! Your ruling planet is the Moon who starts the year in the financial sign of Taurus so money stuff is high on the priority radar until mid-year. This is backed up with expansive Jupiter in Leo now charging through your money/values sector enhancing your earning outcomes, and just as importantly growing your ability to feel really worthwhile and valuable as you make your contributions…large or small. Ask yourself “What do I really value that underpins my creative output?” Jupiter is considered ‘lucky’ thus this may be the best earning period in 12 years, plus you may need to spend some $ to enhance your goals for the future. The only problem can be his tendency to excess, so don’t be reckless by spending too much because you’re feeling prosperous. The whole value system of our planetary culture is morphing over these years. Conspicuous consumption is now very passé folks…embarrassing even. ‘Keep it simple’ is the key to life from here. From August Jupiter enters Virgo for a year into your networking/learning sector. Obvious calls here to studying and training up your skill sets, or generally expanding your areas of operation physically and intellectually. Virgo says it’s time to set up effective organizational systems to underpin your future goals. This can be a busy period with lots of journeys on offer to link up with people and stimulating new ideas and info to grow your life is on offer in this period. Jupiter is an international kind of guy so no surprises if contact and networks take you beyond your country of origin. If you are born between 5th and 13th July it’s your turn for a major revolution in your life courtesy of Uranus and Pluto in their epoch changing aspect with each other…and to your Sun in Cancer. This allows you to examine and free up old insecure stuff, let go of a whole phase of your life and get ready to step into your power in a whole new way over the next 2 years. Awesome for those who are willing to do the letting go bit! Meanwhile ambitious Saturn now steps into your work and health sector as he moves through Sagittarius over the next 2 years. This dude offers us treasure if we’re able to apply ourselves to build the new systems to organize our life that Jupiter is opening…both emotionally and physically. Any restrictions that arise are signals that either your fear of responsibility and hard work are up, OR you simply don’t get the importance of creating really good structures to underpin your work outcomes. Planning and strategy is his favorite gig as you steadily build your creative potential. You may feel pooped at times so conserve your energy whenever possible and take very good care of your diet and health. In the midst of all this just remember that you are meant to have a good time on the way and not take it all too seriously. Don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor and play with your kids!

Ah dear lionhearted ones are you riding the wave of expansion that has swept into your world since mid-2014? I’m talkin’ about Jupiter’s passage through your sign since last July for his once in 12-year opportunity to grow your creative potential. This God enhances and enlarges the potentials plus the pitfalls of the sign he is activating, so if you still doubt your awesomeness and full leadership goodies then any psychological blockages or defenses will be right in your face! If you still unconsciously seek approval and validation from others it’s time to start giving it to yourself. Downside Lion issues involve ‘aggrandizement’ and ‘self-importance’ from an inner child who lacks true belief that “It’s safe to be authentically me”. Humble lions take great pride in motivating others to reach their potential as they strive toward their own. If you’ve been wondering why all this expansive visionary stuff has felt somewhat inhibited during late 2014 it’s because task master Saturn has just spent the last 2 years re-defining and re-structuring your career territory. He’s not a very easy guy…indeed he is responsible for the sludgy stuck energies during 2012-14, so hopefully you have responded to the urge to set fresh goals and re-organize and build the structures you need to achieve them, as this is all about to pay off handsomely as 2015 unfolds. Saturn spends the next 2 years in Sagittarius re-setting some massive global features in fields of knowledge/information and beliefs. Sag is your fellow fire sign so you are one of the gang who benefit personally with relative ease from this process. Leo leadership often involves teaching and mentoring and spreading ‘the word’. So use this next 2 years to build a solid base under your creative knowledge as you own your potential as a ‘wise teacher’. Children become important features here so embrace your responsibility to them with love and excitement as they deserve your attention and support into their potential, which does indeed always mirror your own! Downside on this one can be you demanding that people listen to your view of the world and being intolerant of theirs…but you won’t do that will you? Great timings for fresh endeavors and forward motion toward exciting stimulus and change are early March and mid-July (which could also be travel timings), before Jupiter heads into earthy practical Virgo from August 2015 till September 2016. He then starts to grow your earning potential from all this fab new creativity you are unleashing! Virgo says be careful of money and resources. You may invest in new projects with a purpose but whatever you do conserve don’t splurge, which can be the tendency as financial success starts to occur! 2015 will bring to the fore a whole new group of conscious leaders as the old dragons drop off their mountains. Are you one of them?

I’ve always loved the sign of Virgo as you guys are so not invested in ‘front and center notice me’ kind of attention, and generally just get on with the job of serving our world by creating useful systems. Humble is the word here and sometimes it’s important to give yourself credit for your simple hard working approach to life and how much the rest of us appreciate this. You’ve been in a ‘behind the scenes zone’ since mid-2014 as expansive Jupiter has been activating your psycho/intuitive zone for his once in 12 year growth to add a whole new dimension to your life platform. So don’t freak out if you’re not up for a lot of external life action, because you are ‘off the boil’ so you may develop your intuitive power and create a whole new balance in that busy mind of yours. Perhaps you’ve begun to meditate or learn psychic development skills, or start studying the Science of Mind where we learn how to empower the life we want to live via our creative imagination? I encourage all of these trainings, as one of the features of our global consciousness evolution over these years is the marriage or union between our rational left brain thinking/planning mind AND our intuitive creative power. This is truly life changing once you know how! First step is to give up worry and fret, overanalyzing and ‘thinking things to death’, people as it uses up heaps of good energy for absolutely no return…ha! You are now free to begin to trust the flow of your life as your higher self or Soul is finally allowed to run the show…not your doubts and anxieties! On August 11th fabulous Jupiter enters your sign for the first time in 12 years and you will be freshly reborn and ready to rock and roll once more…hoorah! Think back to late 2003 till Sept 2004 for insights into your life then for clues and signals now. You no doubt began a whole new life phase with a sense of positive expectation for your future…and so it will be again. Just make sure you have taken advantage of this inner reflective sojourn until then so you don’t take any of your old shite with you into the future! For those born 6th and 7th Sept you now move into the most powerful phase of your life ever! Are you ready to really own your power? If not this next few years offers you the chance to say “I am free to be powerful and really express my true potential”. Meanwhile Saturn, the planet of structure, duty and goals steps into your communication sector as he enters Sagittarius for the next 2 years. He brings you the strength to own your fears of really speaking your truth about the things that matter…like health and healing and animal rights, and food and hygiene and the essential ingredients that build a healthy life. Are you ready to do some work to make a difference in these areas? Go for it dear Virgo!

You’ve been very invested in your home scene and family of origin over the past few years and taken many steps to make your secure foundations exactly that…secure! This has not only strengthened you and helped you become more responsible but also reminded you of the core values that make your life worthwhile, even if at times this has not been particularly easy…oh yeah I hear you say! As Saturn in Scorpio ground his way through your finances zone between 2012- 14 you’ve had to confront old financial insecurities so you may replace these with prosperous possibilities, and from 2015 the pressure is off…yay! Next step in your building process is to develop your networking and knowledge skills to add to your evolution into the wonderful person you are who cares deeply about human rights and social justice. For the next 2 years Saturn in Sagittarius calls you deal with any old issues you may have about the power of your words and ideas. Often this impels us toward a study phase and keeps us close to home rather than gadding about the countryside so you may develop knowledge or skills to feed your long term goals. This can be a wonderful period as it feeds your innate love of relating to others with pragmatic positivity ideas and info, so treat this as gift rather than a challenge! The issues you get to sort out here involve any patterns you still carry that keep you in fear of speaking up or believing you are good enough in the ‘smart department’. We are all smart in different ways…even folks who are intellectually handicapped have a gift in some way. Your smarts involve people skills, public relations, sales and marketing, beautifying and design. You aren’t called ‘the style kings/queens of the Zodiac’ for nothing! So ask yourself how you can build your strengths in which ever of these areas is your thing and apply yourself to enhance your toolkits with fresh knowledge. As natural peace keepers you prefer to avoid conflict or holding your ground, and this innate passivity can sometimes block your progress as you are too busy pleasing others rather than taking action when you need to. However, recent new expansive qualities have been feeding into your psyche thanks to Jupiter in Leo. He is moving through your ‘group and general public sector’ since mid-2014 until September 2015 bringing lots of connections and fresh people and ingredients to life. This enhances your networking and confidence so you can ‘make like a fire type person’ who is full of energy and enthusiasm. It also enhances your interest and involvement in the causes that matter to you. From September Jupiter heads into Virgo to spend a year in your psychic intuitive zone, and in some ways this keeps you behind the scenes for a while in preparation for when he enters Libra in Sept 2016. As his job is to expand and grow whichever area he stimulates you’ll be well served learning how to focus your imagination and creative gifts, and this can also be a great phase for psychological study to empower your understanding of what makes people tick and all that stuff. Maybe it’s time to learn some Astrology…the best psycho/spiritual study of all. Have a prosperous fabulous year Libra.

You have great cause for celebration as you bid farewell to 2014 and Saturn in your sign people! Yep it’s been a couple of very testing years during which you have confronted old fears and dragons in your deep spaces, died and been reborn and generally cleaned out your physical and emotional cupboards…yay…it’s done! The best outcomes from all this sometimes dreary and depressing process is you are now in your power safely aren’t you…i.e. no longer insecure and thus controlling everything/one in a negative way!? So for you 2015 is re-birth time as you set out on fresh paths with new goals and a greater capacity for closeness and intimacy. In the midst of all this you have had some great positive growth since last July in your career path as Jupiter in Leo offers you a new 12 year phase here. Think back to late 2003/4 and you’ll see the thread of major growth then also. The thing is you have Leo in your ‘career and public life’ sector you so you automatically carry the potential for leadership in the world. This is why so many Scorps are the powerful people who lead the world! So get set to now use your ‘safe power’ in a whole new kind of way as heavens knows we sure need some fabulous new conscious leaders. As our world continues to morph over the coming years from the greedy nasty old system to a brand new enlightened cooperative system, you may realize it’s time to step into political or community life and really have some impact as ‘the transformers’ you are! A true leader motivates and enables people toward their greatest gifts as they also gain the benefit of these people’s talents along the way. This is the true essence of the ‘shared resources’ function of Scorpio. From August visionary lucky Jupiter heads into Virgo for a year, which will highlight the practical reorganization of personal and global systems. As this activates your ‘house of hopes and wishes fulfilled’…yes doesn’t that sound fab…you will become a veritable minefield of splendid new ideas and progressive inventiveness for these practical new systems! This includes involvement in group and team activity as you empower people as never before. The ideas you hatch during this phase will have major implications in 2018 when Jupiter is in your sign and you manifest big successes. Meanwhile back to our old friend Saturn who now moves into Sagittarius for the next few years, and as this is your ‘worth and value’ zone we need to talk about money! Traditionally Saturn here is considered a restrictive force purely in the sense that he makes us very pragmatic and brings reality checks as to how prosperous we believe we have the right to be. This process is meant to offer us a chance to re-fine and re-structure existing earning sources, clean up debt and live within our means. This is actually a general call for our whole global financial system (which I discuss in the 2015 Report). The other feature is pragmatic investment of resources toward the development of your goals into the future…you know buying the plant and equipment etc. The caution is not to buy into risky speculative get rich quick schemes…because you won’t. So make like a clever eagle in the year ahead and you’ll be sitting pretty!

Ah dear archers what a great set of planets you have in operation over these past few months to bring the return of happy optimism to your life. Change agent Uranus in Aries suits you so well as he re-invents and revolutionizes our world with fab new inventions and solutions to global problems. He has been dancing a great tango with your ruler Jupiter in Leo upping the awakening in many people that our global systems need to do some massive shifts in the near future, if we are to not only survive but thrive in the coming decades. There are two more connections between Jupiter and Uranus in early March and mid to late July, so make sure you take advantage of these splendid door opening trigger points. This connects with a larger piece of territory that also comes into play as Saturn now enters your sign for the next 2 years. As you guys are the writers, journalists, teachers and philosophers of the Zodiac I trust you have been laying foundations for this next phase in your life where you are meant to step into your authority in your chosen field. We all know that knowledge is power and if you want to keep people under control then deprive them of a good education and limit their free media. This is what the old guard model will attempt to do in ever greater measure over the next few years, so Saturn says your job is to commit to your involvement in spreading healthy new ideas and information to enable the awakening and revolution of Uranus. See how all this goes together so well? Sag. is also the sign of ‘belief’ thus religions and preaching fall into your domain. Saturn here will also amp up the holy war of our time as terrorism continues to be ‘sponsored’ by the powers that be as a great excuse for the wars they love to have. You are now called to really walk your talk as a tolerant dude/gal who honors all races and creeds and practices what you preach, and under no circumstances are you to ram your beliefs down anybody’s throats. Saturn will help you learn to speak when appropriate and only if you know what you’re talking about, and to not promise more than you can deliver or do your pattern of ‘all or nothing’. If you have any fears and insecurities about your ‘right to be a visionary teacher’ then Saturn will help you work this out. Ah must not forget to mention Sag. also rules athletes and sporty peeps and those who strive on the big stages of life so if this is you then Saturn can take you to lofty heights if you’re willing to do the work. Saturn in your sign offers you a major phase of evolution where you must grow up and stand up for what you really believe in. He urges us to accept responsibility and apply ourselves as never before to build our life and not blame anyone else for bits of us that aren’t functional. Your natural state is to wander the world in search of fabulous possibilities but not necessarily to apply yourself to anything for too long…not all of you but many of you! His gift to will be your realization that you like ‘making it’ and realizing outcomes from your goals and ambitions, and that the very freedom you seek lies in your commitment.

As the Chinese Year of the Goat/Sheep begins on Jan. 19th we could call 2015 your year kids regardless of whether your birth year makes you a goat…because you are a goat anyway! This signals a fabo phase as you are in synch with the natural order as The Goat/Sheep is the eighth sign in the Chinese system and number “8” is considered to be a very lucky number. It symbolizes wisdom, fortune and prosperity and is a symbol of peace, harmonious co-existence and tranquility. On the family front it will be a time to unite and allow past angers to cool, to mend fences and broken promises. If we extend this to the collective world scene then perhaps your job in this coming year is to offer this wisdom in all your life situations so others may also heal and grow beyond anger and conflict. You have been under the influence of powerful transformer Pluto in your sign since 2008 and the global meltdown began, so this has been a difficult 6 years both personally and collectively and no doubt you’ve felt the tension of the times more than many. Someone wrote the word responsibility on your birth certificate when you signed up as a Cap. and this sure has its place in your natural tendencies BUT there comes a time when stepping away from ‘I’m responsible for every bloody thing/person’ must be replaced with ‘Let them sink or swim it’s not my business’. Which is not to say you don’t keep being the practical builder who you are, but it’s time to let go of ‘Life is hard and I have to be a rigid control freak’…ha! Your ruling planet is dear old ‘Saturn the Lord of Karma and Time’ which makes sense of why you do take life/things rather seriously. He now steps into Sagittarius for the next few years and this is a very interesting zone for you as it resides in your 12th House of inner psychic spaces and spiritual life. Thus your journey now involves coming off the boil from major worldly desired outcomes and entering into communion with your psyche and intuition. As a practical soul you may think this sounds a bit airy fairy but believe me it is not. Without a proper relationship with our intuitive guidance systems, meditative practices and mind management we are not a whole person. So make like a guru and start reading up on psychology so you can empower yourself through greater self-awareness and mindfulness. Learn how to master your mind and anxieties and generally become a calmer more useful person to yourself and others. This phase is also for receiving inspiration and then gestating and prepare for the major life re-launch that comes in when Saturn enters your sign in 2018. Jupiter in Leo has been expanding your relationship with your deeper unconscious nature and even though outer world action may not reflect your growth right now there are positive shifts on offer by exploring your unconscious fears and patterns.
Your 2015 begins with quite a splash as activator Mars in Aquarius connects with expansive Jupiter in Leo lighting up your mojo and optimism that life can actually be fun and adventurous again. This will feel wonderful after a long haul of testing times over the past few years. Indeed there may be unexpected action right on New Years’ day or a signal that freedom and change will be features of your year ahead. If you had a $ for every time in your life you’ve been called strange and ‘a bit out there’ you’d be rich right? You’ve always marched to that beat of the different drum dear air heads as you are the innovators who are instinctively different, anti-establishment and tap into the ‘great mind’ to bring in the new ideas that move society forward. Have you noticed that strange and different is now becoming the new norm? Yes kids the world is in the midst of the greatest revolutionary phase in eons. Never have the opportunities been greater for your special brand of unique ideas and techno inventions. You are the ones who understand that we are part of a ‘Universal Interconnectedness’…or group consciousness…the essence of the new Aquarian Age to come. But finding your like-minded group and a sense of inclusiveness often eludes you personally as you are such an independent thinker and lone wolf. Jupiter in Leo is now in your relationship zone for the first time in 12 years opening fresh ‘partnering’ options both personally and professionally. So get out there and connect and magnetize the people you need to help you move forward, and as long as everyone keeps their personal space ‘win win’ will be the outcome. Your ruling planet is ‘change agent’ Uranus who is the guy underpinning the big global shakeups of late. Jupiter in Leo makes great connection with him between March and July so any travels or outings for sharing your knowledge or expanding horizons will do very well under this vibe. You’ve just spent the last 2 years refining and setting up your career options, and some of you have let go of an old path whilst others have re-shaped an existing one if it’s still relevant…very tedious at times and sometimes scary. This was via Saturn in Scorpio and you’ll be very pleased he is now heading on into a new sign for the next few years that suits you much better…Sagittarius. This is the sign of the single focused archer who strikes forward in heroic quests! Saturn is the lord of structure and due diligence who asks you to confront old fears and use them to forge greater strength. So put these together and you get to be a committed hero who does wonderful work in your community to inspire folks to wake up and start making their world a better place. 2015 will be the year when the old strangle hold of the idiots who run our planet will be challenged by the millions of us who see through their game. So keep that courage burning brightly as you keep doing your thing and remember to tread lightly and have a fun time on the way. Think ‘the sky’s the limit!’
Fish people have been experiencing a yummy dose of fresh creative energy since mid-2014 as Jupiter in Leo has been opening new pathways in your daily work and health sector. Yes this can be a period that brings greater confidence in your workplace, and where you’re working away at your daily thing with a sense of great purpose and fulfillment if you’re willing to apply yourself to improving your lot. Your natural qualities are very compassionate with a strong desire to serve and this transit amps this up big time, however just be careful of the urge to rescue and save those who aren’t willing to save themselves. Pisces can also be full of ideals and plans and good intentions but sometimes lack the reality features that bring things into form, so make like a practical organized person, write lists, get strategic and create effective systems to bring your dreams into reality. Pisces also rules the mind/body health systems so go for it to spread your knowledge if this is your field. Jupiter moves into your opposite sign of Virgo on August 11th opening a major 12 year cycle to improve all manner of partnerships in your life and he’s here until September 2016. You’ll be in ‘attractor’ mode magnetizing the people and alliances you need to grow your life from here so make sure your own magnetic field is clear and clean so you ‘attract’ the right ones! Traditionally this is an excellent phase for marriage and/or existing setups grow more positive, but sometimes there’s the need to expand your life by letting go of situations that have done their time as Jupiter can bring opportunity disguised as loss. Public Relations and promotion action is the other major feature here to sell your brand or promote your message, so don’t miss this opportunity and its worth bringing in professional support if you don’t have these skills yourself. The other major feature coming into play in 2015 is the arrival of Saturn in Sagittarius into your ‘career and worldly outcomes’ sector. He will be here for the next 2 years and this is big news that coincides very well with the other territory I have outlined. Saturn is the dude who brings the reality that we must strive and apply ourselves to our ambitions and goals to really achieve anything, and as he reaches ‘the top’ of the mountain (or the mid heaven of your chart) you are at a threshold between the past and the future. On the one hand you will reap what you have sown over the past 14 years so this is an achievement period, whilst it is also a ‘crisis of re-orientation’ as you must also set up your future. If you’re a smart fish you will work hard to expand your options, and re-organize and re-structure your career over the next few years. By the way he hasn’t been in Sag. since 1986/7/8 so if you were out and about back then hark back to your memories of how your career options changed then for clues. Fishy careers usually involve Saggie. options woven in with your natural artistic and mystical tendencies. You are the visionary dreams who intuitively tap into the ‘zeitgeist’ to bring in the collective themes of the spirit of the times. This is why photography and the film and visual arts industries are the domain of Pisces. What messages do you have to share? It’s time to start doing the hard work necessary to bring them into the world.