I am a one girl site, yep, just me! As you could imagine being a one girl site, receiving between 20k visits a day and completing 2.2m virtual readings a month keeps me pretty busy. I do love the emails I receive and I am very grateful for the loving notes, please do continue to send me those <3 they make a world of difference to me. You may find the answer to your question below in these FAQ's and may save you some time.


Q. iPhone apps not working with the latest iOS9 release. This has been sent to my developer, hopefully this bug is sorted out quickly! I miss it myself!! 

Q. Your password reset, doesn't work? Please check your SPAM folder this is where we find most of them hiding :)

Q. I am so very grateful for your site, I visit it daily and have as you've suggested even printed out my own Angel cards. Please can you offer a way for me to donate money to you? 
A. I have had this question a surprising amounting of times and am so touched and blessed that souls are willing to share their generosity with me. So from my very being, thank you.

Q. Why are parts of the screen hidden by a black box? Or there are parts I cannot see?

A. Chances are you have an ad-blocker turned on, turning this off will clear all parts of the screen,

Q. Facebook update! Where is it?
Well I added the like my page button and so far have over 2.5k likes

Q. How do you save a reading?
A. To save a reading you need to be logged in. Once logged in the readings that are able to be saved (and not all are) will have a SAVE MY READING button at the end of reading. It is on my to-do list to make all readings saveable. However remembering that I am a one girl site, it may take a little more time.

Q. When will your angel cards be printed?
A. Lynx and I have been discussing this over the past few years, at the moment this is a TBA.

Q. My login does not work?
A. The screen does not change too much once you've logged in, as such you may have found that the password has worked, however you may not notice that you are logged in. Above the menus at the top of the screen it will say if NOT logged in: Login to myNAS"and "Logged in", if you ARE logged in.
Q. Monthly horoscopes seem to be late?
A. All horoscopes are graciously donated and the monthly ones are written on the other side of the planet and sometimes take a little longer.

Q. Does my ex love me, will we get back together, will we have children?
A. I appreciate that you are searching for guidance, clarity and conformation, however I am not able to personally answer these questions. My advice is to try one of the divination tools, single card tarot for a specific question and really focus on the imagery, see what appears for you. One of my very first spiritual teachers once said to me: you will never ask a question without first knowing the answer.

Q. I would like to advertise on your website.
A. All advertising is done exclusively through Google. The Google team make it nice and easy to then select a specific site once you've set your account up with them. (

For all other questions, queries and comments please use the contact box below.