We have scoured the globe searching for what we believe are the planets best spiritual divination oracles. Some we have found and some we've made from scratch, all of them are here for you now and of course free!

We have new divination oracles on the way, so make sure you check back soon! Oh, and if you know of a divination tool that you'd like to see here, then please do write into us - even if you're the author (we do of course provide credit back to all authors sites).


Angel Guidance

We've searched the universe to find a little peace of heaven, our guiding angel is here now, with a word chosen especially for you. Something you need, calm your mind and look within and contemplate upon this chosen word.


Ask your Guide

Concentrate and when you're ready ask your guide a question to which they can reply with a yes/no type of response.


Crystal Ball

Crystal Balls have been used since the dawn of fortune telling - we all know that crystals vibrate and can affect our very self. Our crystal ball will provide you with guidance through inspirational and insightful quotations.


Positive Messages

Finally, no need to wait for your next visit to the Chinese restaurant! Fortune Cookies and positive messages are available for you right now, as Confucius says: "Acquire new knowledge whilst thinking over the old, and you may become a teacher of others".


I Ching

Ching some say is our oldest of Oracles. Either through use of coins or lines hexagrams that combine to make a final pattern that is then interpreted. Many a wise person has used and continues to consult the I Ching.


Moon Cycles

The moon has a powerful allure; it is full of beauty, legend, myth and romance. Ask any pagan and they will tell you how every new path they pave is based on the new, the waxing or the waning moon cycles - see where the moon is right now with our live moon phases.



What do your numbers say about you? Are you a confident 1 or a balanced 4 learn more here with our name and birth date numerology wizard. Just enter your name and your date of birth and we'll do all the calculating for you.



Our Palmistry Oracle that will take you through each major line, mark and bump on your hands and on completion you'll know what your destiny is trying to tell you.


Past Life Generator

Ever wonder who you were in your previous life, well now you can find out. Finally that love of dragons makes sense!



As old as the Celtics and stepped in mystery that has been passed down over the generations our Runes are awaiting you.