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Tarot Cards contain 12 Major Arcana cards, which are said to be the more important or bigger tarot cards. The remaining 66 tarot cards are refered to as the Minor tarot cards, although some of these can almost seem hold as much weight as the major arcana tarot cards.

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Five of Swords

Briefly:A time where one person has won out at the expense of two other people.

Full Meaning: There are 3 people in the picture and one of them has the upper hand in the matter. The other two have lost something that they valued, whether it was love, a material possession of whatever to the one who is holding the swords.

In the background there is the Sun setting so this can indicate early evening. One of the people is appears to be sad and crying. He has lost whatever he/she once had and is now sorry, but it is all too late. Generally I read this as one person has won out at the expense of two other people and they are walking away with their trophy, person or thing of value. The others have lost out and they now know it. They may feel they have been betrayed, but they weren't, it was a matter of the best one winning, and there could only be one winner in this situation. Usually this means that you are the one who is the winner