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Tarot Cards contain 12 Major Arcana cards, which are said to be the more important or bigger tarot cards. The remaining 66 tarot cards are refered to as the Minor tarot cards, although some of these can almost seem hold as much weight as the major arcana tarot cards.

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Nine of Wands

Briefly:A time of waiting, of being patient while the crop ripens or the project matures.

Full Meaning: This card has a picture a robust man leaning on a wand with another 8 wands stood up behind him. This is a time of waiting, of being patient while the crop ripens or the project matures. We need to understand that stability arises out of wisdom and patience. Haste and immaturity do not assist our plans at a time like this. We need to develop the sense of endurance and being in it for the long haul. We must persevere and be able to see that nothing of value or no-one of merit arrives prior to the right time. If we can maintain our steadfastness during the period before fruition, then the harvest will reap a healthy profit. It may be time to do things that represent protection, such as battening down the hatches, fixing the fences or the gate or door and ensuring that all is safe within the home. Perhaps we need some other financial protection such as a nest egg, a new savings project or even some insurance of some kind, whether personal or for our belongings. Trust in the old saying that 'all comes to those who wait'.