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Mirror Mirror in Your Head

One of the keys to being able to let the universe know what you want is imagination, or more importantly visualization.

To be able to implant the seed of what you want into your subconscious you need to first built a picture in your conscious mind of exactly what it looks like.  This is sometimes easier said than done, as an example if your goal is to get recognition through winning an award of some sort then you need to build a picture in your head of actually receiving the award:
  • What are you wearing?
  • Are you standing on the left or the right side?
  • What does the award look like?
  • How heavy is it?
  • Where is the photographer standing?
  • Can you feel the heat from the spotlights?
  • Can you hear the crowd clapping?
There's more to it than just seeing the award, you have to 'feel' the experience in your conscious mind.

So here's an exercise, read through the next paragraph then set aside 3 minutes and see if you can complete the task.

Imagine yourself standing in a field, see the blue sky, feel the breeze on your face.  There's a small hill to your left and creek to your right.  Walk slowly to the tree, watch the birds above the tree circle around each other, hear them chirping to each other.  As you walk into the shade of the tree you can feel the temperature change and smell the bark of the tree.  You sit on the ground near the tree and hear the grass give way for you, and you feel the grass between your fingers.  Finally you pull a fresh red apple out of your bag and take a huge bite.  What else can you see?  What else can you hear?  What else can you feel and smell and taste?

This is a great exercise to get your brain working, it's something that we did as children all the time but almost never do today.  Try it every day for 5 days and you'll find that the experience becomes richer each time.  This is the skill you can then use to REALLY visualize your goal.  In the same way that you use your senses today to experience the environment around you, those senses are just as active in your mind and the more you can 'experience' achieving your goal the faster you will get there.
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More On Energy

I'm not sure I was very clear in my last post about the importance of energy, so I wanted to take another stab at it.

I think part of the problem in talking about energy is that it has too many meanings today:
  • I plug an appliance into the wall and energy flow through the wires to make it work
  • I get an energy bill for the same
  • If you look at a nutritional guide on the back of a chocolate bar it lists how much energy is in the bar
When in fact I'm talking about energy in any of those forms, I'm talking about the unseen force of energy that always present everywhere in the universe.  It flows around us, it flows to us and it flows through us.  And our thoughts can plant seeds in that energy to help achieve what ever it is that we want to do, to be or to have.

If we have negative thoughts, then that relates to the energy and attracts negative things.  But if I choose to have positive thoughts and think growth and expansion rather than lack and limitation then that's what get seeded in the energy and that's what comes back to me.

It might sound weird but this energy, this force, is my interpretation of god.  I don't call it god, but it's the closest thing I can feel to god.  Their is no man in the clouds watching everything I do, there is however a force that surrounds us, the penetrate us and our thoughts.  And our thoughts can also give out energy.

There are a couple of important things to be able to do this successfully also, you need to be able to visualize what you want and you need to be able to pass these visual ideas, these thoughts, to your subconscious.  You also need to get emotionally involved in the goal you want to achieve.  So the next few posts are going to focused on those things.
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Something Fundamental

An important part of this journey is understanding one of the fundamentals parts of our environment.  You see this concept of personal development is centered around the idea that you have to visualize in your mind what you want to have/do/be before it will ever happen in our physical world.

But the physical world is what needs some explanation first.  Your mind is connected to the physical world, in fact everything is connected to everything.  I don't mean "when a butterfly flaps it's wings it start a tornado" sort of connected, I mean at a much deeper level.

Scientists will tell you that everything around you is energy, just in different forms and levels of vibration.  If you've seen the video The Secret, then you'll recognize the concept of vibration.  I found this one of the most difficult concepts to understand and sometimes still struggle with it today however it's a true test of fully understanding the world around you.  The thing is that even though most things look solid, they are not!

The easiest way to make sense of it is to explain how water can take on different forms.  If you take a cup of water and cool it the energy in the water reduces in vibration and subsequently the water takes on what we perceive as a new form, ice.  If we heat it it goes back to water and we continue to heat it the particles continue to increase in vibration and that turns the water into gas.  We perceive it as gone or vanished however nothing is ever created or destroyed, it simply changes form.

So if something solid like ice is just particles in a different rate of vibration then we can draw the same conclusion about anything that we see as solid.  It's just energy in a low state of vibration!  Even your body, your flesh and muscles and brain and organs are made of energy in different states of vibration.

Further I propose that we have the ability to affect the energy around us in the same was that we can detect the energy around us.  You know how easy it is to 'feel' if someone's in a bad mood, no doubt you've picked up on those sort of things in the past.  Well the reason is that the state of vibration of someone who is angry is typically at conflict with us and so we are able to 'detect' it.  Similarly we can change our own state of vibration and believe it or not you choose to be angry, or happy, or sad, and of course you can change your mood (your state of vibration) just by choosing to do so.

So in effect we change our state of vibration and the state of the energy we put out without even thinking about.  It goes without saying that if you are able to feel someone angry coming into a room then you too put out the same energy when you are angry.  So this means that we have the ability to affect the energy that runs through and around us also!

So we are energy, and everything around is energy.  Simple.

Now the real test is to be in the right mood, to be consciously aware of your state of vibration... and then choosing to change it.

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Picking Your Goal

As I said before my goal is about money.  I want to be earning a specific amount of money each and every day, 7 days a week.  I heard someone say recently that the best way to be rich is to make money while you’re sleeping.  I agree with this in principal, but there are really two things I think that are important:

  1. You need multiple streams of income
  2. You need to set up income earners to work on their own

So to explain just a little bit I’m aiming to use many streams of income to achieve my goal.  So rather than one big idea my expectation is that I will have perhaps 6 or 10 ideas all of which when combined together will help me achieve my goal.  One or two might be extraordinary, and require more attention and therefore might earn more than the others.

Secondly anything that can earn money should be something that happens all on its own.  As an example most websites can take orders for products you want to sell at any time day or night.  You don’t have to be on the end of a phone talking to someone to earn that money, it’s really pretty simple.  And at least for me using computers, the internet, and technology will play a role in all of these ideas.

Now your goal doesn’t have to be about money though:

  • Do you want to be in better physical condition?
  • Do you want to find a new boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • Do you want to get a new job?

These and others are all good goals, I’m just concentrating on money right now.  Let me assure you though that money is not the end, just the means.  I have plans for the money but I know I need the money first.

One thing that Bob taught me along time ago in his book was working out how much money you actually need.  You might be surprised to learn that the amount of money you think you need is actually more than what you do need!

Do an exercise, add up all your monthly expenses (rent, mortgage, bills, shopping, dining, entertainment, everything).  Then look at each number and adjust it to accommodate the way you want to be living.  That new total is your goal.  Now you need to put a timeframe on it.

Do you need to be reasonable?  NO!

If there’s one thing I have learned in the time I’ve been studying this it’s that the bigger the goal, the more exciting it is and the more involved you get.  In a couple of days I’m going to talk about ‘getting involved’ with your goal.  One of the keys to the success of this is emotion, getting your entire mind, body and intellect into the belief that you can achieve that goal.

If you want to lose weight then how much and by when?

One final word of caution… once you’ve picked a goal STICK TO IT!

There an excellent story about a man who went to a restaurant and ordered chicken soup.  A few minutes later he called the waiter back and changed his order to pumpkin soup, then a few minutes later changed it again to spaghetti.  He then sat complaining about why his meal took so long to come to the table.

Once you have decided on a goal, it’s specific and you have a timeframe then make sure you don’t change your goal.  Once you’ve committed to it then the world around you will start to change to help you get there, but if you keep changing your goal then you will be sending out mixed messages and the energy around you will not have the time it needs to deliver what’s required.

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Anything you want!

A new blog all about laws and energy?  It's weird writing about this stuff first and foremost because I'm not an expert on this stuff and I'm at my most comfortable when I know exactly what I'm talking about.

I am committed though and willing to learn and I don't mind saying that I normally learn pretty fast... with the right teacher.  I used to be a trainer also and one of the things I learned was that to be a good learner you have to be a good teacher.  If I was to produce a "life lessons" list then this would definitely be on it, what I mean is by this is that if you want to make sure you really understand something then the best way is to explain that something to someone else.  So if you really want to understand how to do a personal budget then the best way is to figure out a way to explain personal budgeting to your best friend.

I've talked about this in my real job as well, that as humans we have the ability to almost without thinking choose the right words to explain something.  If I wanted to explain the importance of recycling to my daughter then I would use completely different language than if I was going to explain it to my boss.  How cool is that... and we don't even think about it it just happens!

So what's my plan?  Well I have set myself a really big objective, I'm not going to share it with you just yet (but soon).  And to be honest right now I don't know how it's going to happen but I do know that that there is a way to make it happen.  It's related to money and at some point I'll talk about why, I know that money is not everything and I'll get to that at another time.  However to achieve my goal i need a teacher and then to make sure I understand what that person's telling me I'm going to try and explain it all to you.

So what's your job?  I'd love for you to read this, get involved, comment, talk to me!  I need to know if what I'm saying is making sense and it would be even cooler if you used what I'm telling you to change your own life too.

So with the promise of being able to get anything you want, money, love, health I'm hoping that this is a journey you'll share with me.

My teacher is a gentleman named Bob Proctor.  I've read his book and spent a year studying his materials in depth and during that year I was able to increase my income substantially.  His words really resonate with me, he's one of those people that not only tells you how to do something but also why to do it and why it works.  He's written an excellent book called You Were Born Rich and produced tons of audio and video recordings on how to achieve your goals.  He appeared in the successful "The Secret" DVD which swept the planet over the last couple of years and I have every confidence that I'll be able to achieve my goal.  So he's the teacher in this case.

To be honest I think over the last year or so I've levelled out a little in my achievements.  I know I have the potential to do more and so it's with renewed energy that I've started studying his material again so that I can really achieve what I want.

The principal of his teaching is simple, you have to put a picture of what you want in your mind regardless of your current circumstances and then believe you can have it.  There's alot more to but right now that's the best one sentance description I can provide.

So if you feel like sharing then please comment.  Do you have a goal?  Are you working towards something?  Got a story to tell?  Let's hear it!
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