Symbolon Reading

I am yet again very blessed and very grateful to be able to share with you a new reading. Symbolon cards are not divining cards, they are memory triggers. What this means is lets say you have a problem that is over-whelming you, you feel like you just cannot get a grasp on it and you're completely lost and unsure where to turn. Chances are you just need to remember where the real issue is. This is what Symbolon does, opens memory windows for you...

To truly get the most out of Symbolon, you honestly need to spend some quiet time, concentrating, relaxing and letting go of everything surrounding you. Approach the reading with no expectations, just be prepared to be thankful. This is not the type of reading you would do every day, in fact I would go so far as to say this may be the type of thing you save up for every six months. However everyone is unique, so instead of my suggestions, trust your own instincts and guides. Please keep in mind that this is not Tarot and the messages will be powerful triggers, perhaps unlike anything you've used before, and to some may appear harsh, keep in mind they are designed to take you to places that you perhaps have not been able to get to by yourself.

I have included a sample reading here for you to see how a reading was interpreted for someone who had a relationship break down and was so incredibly lost.

These cards are graciously shared by the wonderful souls at AGM AGMüller Urania.