Videos that have touched my heart and stirred my soul.

Over the coming weeks you will find some favourite videos and at the moment it is very much Lee Harris. So there's an entire section of Lee Harris videos.There will be a collection of TED videos... wow, you can get lost in there for days! and Of course we will have the greats from YouTube. Please if you find a video that touches you please write in and let me know so we can share it with everyone. Blessings, Jen.

Keep checking back soon!

Bio: Riverting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.

Lee Harris (
Bio:You are everything, but mostly, you are love"My work and my passion is to bring my gifts as a channeler and energy intuitive to our fast changing world. I offer my channelings, messages and observations for you to experience within your own freedom. They are not attached to any religion or ideology -  instead they are grounded in the most fundamental  truth - you are love and you have within you the power to transform and elevate your life and the lives of others. In peace and in love, Lee