I am very blessed that I have been able to meet an incredible amount of generous, inspirational, talented people. So much so, that I have dedicated an area on my site where I can share with you some of my favourite people and places on this little planet of our <3

The technical genius behind NAS is my wonderful exHusband if you're curious he has written a blog specifically about how he coded up the CMS. This photo is of course not of just Jay and I, however our entire big family! We still holiday together each year with all the kids and all the partners. I am very blessed and very grateful to be surrounded by so many loving, wise and beautiful male souls.

 ben-harvey.jpg Ben Harvey and the team at Authentic Education are quite simply the very best at teaching you the things you didn't even know you didn't know!

I've completed several workshops there and from the moment you are greeted at the elevator doors to the moment you sit down, you simply find yourself surrounded by love, congruentcy, generosity, wisdom and inspired information that you truly wonder how you got by without knowing this.

If you ever get the chance to hear Ben speak, then make it a priority and if you're looking at furthering your education (and who isn't!) Then please do check out all they have to offer.

Thank you Ben.
I was introduced to the work Mitch Behan after a particularly tumultuous period in my life. In fact I was at my lowest low. Mitch and his team, based here in Australia take you through a process which similar to Dr Demartini enables you to find your blessings and showed me that there is light in even the darkest periods. 

I went on to do other work with the team at MJB Seminars and even followed them around the world. Where I witnessed the Northern Lights in Canada, boated down the Ganges in India and partied up a storm on the Caribbean.

The team at MJB Seminars turned my life around and showed me how perfect everything already was and is.

I am truly grateful for Mitch. Thank you <3
john-demartini-(1).jpg Dr John Demartini is perhaps the most gifted mind currently walking this planet. This man has memorised 28k books... 28 thousand!!! I'm lucky if I can remember Street names! I sat in awe listening to him and with each new sentence I realised that I was two statements behind, in the end I gave up trying to write down everything he said and simply tried to absorb some small parts of his wisdom.

Dr Demartini has this process called The Demartini Method, simply he takes an event, any event that has perhaps become polarised - life is of course duality and allows you to find the blessing hidden within. I was very fortunate to spend an hour with this man and using his skills he showed me how incredibly fortunate I am and what I have been lugging around for decades simply wasn't the polarised view I had. Words simply will do no justice to this process.

Through Dr Demartini I learned about what it truly means to live an inspired life. Discovered my telos and was able to hone in on my values and see where I truly am living them. Two weeks on the Caribbean investing entirely in myself is an absolute blessing and something that I will be eternally grateful for.  Dr John Demartini

What the bleep do we know?! Remember this? If you haven't seen it, make sure you add it to your 'to watch' list. I first watched this many years ago and have watched it several times since. It features Joe Dispenza. To me Joe is the forerunner on all things quantum and all things regarding rewiring your brain. 

My time with him was instrumental in my moving from a resting period. Joe showed me how I simply needed to make a decision. If you have not read "Breaking the Habit of being yourself" then I wholeheartedly recommend it.
In person he is simply surrounded by love. I have never been with another soul who is so incredibly present. Beautiful gift, something I will endeavour to emulate. Another magical moment on the Caribbean <3 

Dr Joe Dispenza
jack-canfield.jpg You may all be familiar with Chicken Soup for the Soul and the author, Jack Canfield.

I have just returned from a week in the Caribbean where I was able to spend some one on one time with Jack Canfield. This man is a walking love radiator. He glows; as he sits quietly, as he smiles and even when he's thinking deeply, I wonder if he's aware of this...

I am very grateful and humbled to have been given the opportunity to meet such a teacher. I did laugh too, my shore excursion was late back so I had to come to the meeting in just my swimsuit - lucky I had a top in my bag! Not sure he meets many people in that type of attire! 

A truly beautiful and wise soul. Jack Canfield
In 2014 I had the pleasure of meeting a very gentle, intelligent, kind, generous and giving gentleman whilst travelling through India.

His innate ability for writing is truly a beautiful gift, he brings words to great depths, allows you to wander amongst them and then weaves them together leaving you wanting more. I do sincerely hope you visit his blog and like me you will find yourself returning again and again. Labyrinth of Life



Updates to come _____;

If you have a special place that you would like to share with others please let me know and I will consider it. Here's the thing. I needs to be spiritual, no matter how much I love puppy dogs and kittens, this isn't the place to be linking them. Also it needs to resonate with me - after all it's my favourite places. Maybe it's your own personal blog about your spiritual journey, a site similar to mine or a resource page, anything that fits under the ethereal umbrella. I am just one girl, as such may not answer every email (I will try however!).


Beautiful places. Thank-you for sharing.

5/14/2010 7:45:40 PM

"So instead, I simply ask.... Have you ever met someone, exchanged a look that was further, deeper and more connected than you could possibly ever explain?" Yes, more than once!
5/20/2010 7:44:56 AM

just wanted to check to see if i have the right sight did you put a story in the thats life magazine if so then i am good just want to make sure this is the one thank you great story
5/26/2010 10:15:55 AM

Hello! Yes, that was about my grandfathers cards and this site, glad you enjoyed the read. Was fun being interviewed. Jen
5/26/2010 2:36:34 PM

I am truely troubled but your reading gave me some comfort for the future thank you and blessed be
5/28/2010 5:00:56 AM

Hi Jen,
I found out about your site after reading the That's Life article... I thought I would give the 12 month reading a try and was amazed. It could not have detailed my 'present situation' any clearer. Here's hoping that the predictions are just as acurate :) Thanks again for a great site. x
5/29/2010 11:28:44 PM

Hey Jen.
I was also someone that read about this site in That's Life Magazine. So I also thought to give it a go. Some things sound so true.
Was a great story to read.
And its a great site.
6/8/2010 4:54:28 AM

@Carlie & Jess

Hi :) Ty for taking the time to write in with with such lovely words xx
6/8/2010 2:48:38 PM

Hi Jen

I too read your story in That's Life. I have just recently ben diagnosed with breast cancer and have had surgery and I am wating to start radiation. I clicked on to your site and the 1st card I picked was the card of healing Rapheal. Thank you for your site

6/11/2010 10:57:22 PM

I came across your site by accident, i had downloaded an app on my iPhone and everytime i used it it was smack on accurate with answers to the questions i was asking so i decided to have a look at your actual site, i am truely amazed, every answer i got was revelent to the question asked, keep up the good work and thanx for all ur help

7/8/2010 9:08:21 AM

simply the best site I have ever been on.keep up the great work! xx
7/23/2010 11:26:48 PM

I miss the Answers section of your website...when will something similar be up and running again? Otherwise, the site is looking good!
7/31/2010 12:18:15 AM

@All the lovely comments! Ty so much for all taking the time to write in. I am a one gal site, these lovely little messages really make all the difference to my world. Blessings Jen
8/23/2010 9:48:10 PM

@Sarah: The Answers section is on my 'to do' list, however as a priority I am updating and adding some new. Appreciate the feedback readings. :)
8/23/2010 9:49:32 PM

Hi Jen,
I have been enjoying the site for some time now but only got round to becoming a member today - not sure why so slow. But should not think that way, should only be glad I have eventually got here. Love the site, and have found much help from the card readings, particularly the angel cards; are they on sale yet. I would love my own set to work with.
9/1/2010 12:36:27 AM

@Snowwolf: Ty for the lovely comments! The Angel Cards are currently not available, it is something Lynx and I will eventually see come to life.
9/1/2010 3:29:49 AM

Hi Jen,
I too stumbled accidentally onto your site. I use it everyday. I was interested in your comments about BJ Priestess as that has also came up in my readings. Thank you & may god bless!
10/24/2010 8:39:33 PM

I just became a member and truly love your site. I just have one small problem..I can't save my readings so I've taken to writing them in a journal. BTW I love the site and you have given me hope and inspiration. I'm truly thinking about doing more with tarot readings not just for myself. Blessings to you and fantastic work your doing!!
12/28/2010 8:37:51 PM

Hi Jen,
was wondering the name of the tarot deck on your site and if it is available for purchase? Love your site.
1/10/2011 2:51:08 AM

I should say I really like visiting your site. When are you going to post 2011 yearly horoscope?
1/30/2011 7:05:06 PM

hi,i have most propably been on every spiritual site on the net and yours is the best by far for me.i wondered if u could answer my question?a few years ago i started having these passing thoughts then a couple of weeks later my thought would actually happen,its quite regular and a bit scary sometimes.my 8 year old son has started to get this too now,ive not really gone into detail but something is defiantly going on around us.do you think maybe we have been gifted?
3/20/2011 4:08:59 PM

Im sooo Diggin the site ! DEFINITELY A FAV. ;)
4/9/2011 1:22:36 AM

I too found the site by accident when searching for some help to a problem, it really resonated with me and the readings were spot on! I love the Angel messages and do an Angel reading everyday to be with me all day. I was wondering at first how an eReading could work but then I realized that we are all energy anyway so what does it matter that we are not having a reading in person, energy travels through everything! Thank you Jen and blessings.
5/12/2011 8:15:55 PM

Such lovely comments thank you everyone :) The cards are not for sale :( they are truly beautiful you can find more information about them and the author at http://atarot.de. Sorry there was a delay on the yearly scopes this year - I spent most of January and February in hospital. Re being gifted; I believe we all have an innate gift, in a world that places so much value on the tangible it is very easy to loose touch with the ethereal - so do you have a gift? Absolutely, and here's a secret... the more you tune into it, the more will be revealed, before you know it you'll be seeing signs everywhere. For me personally I asked for a feather to appear when I felt I needed that little bit of encouragement or as an indication of my being on the right track, some days it appears as if birds are literally dropping them out of the sky! Finally Liz, absolutely right, you, me our pc's the desks we sit at and the homes we live in, all come from the same place, we are all created from a universal energy, I believe it is very limited of us to think that messages must only come through another human being, messages come in all shapes, sizes and bits and bytes! xxx For those who are interested a movie called What the Bleep do we know explains in far greater detail how we're all made up of this universal stuff, this wonderful, ethereal energy.

Blessings everyone
5/12/2011 9:35:56 PM

dis site is wondorfull.best way to optimiz people.help me alot. its good
5/14/2011 9:54:10 PM

Wow. You got it covered!. I'm sending my friends this way. Great tools. Blessings!
7/29/2011 11:32:43 PM

nice and best tanks
9/15/2011 7:02:15 AM

beautiful place
9/15/2011 7:05:41 AM

Ie. Last time I heard the forums were going to be back up in July. What happened? I miss you guys so much.
9/21/2011 7:10:10 AM

This lost soul has come to come to your site every day for inspiration and guidance. Thank you for what you do.
10/31/2011 5:45:18 PM

I Love your Site Its Really Really Amazing Thank U 4 Everything,Blessings.
1/5/2012 6:35:56 AM

Hello Jen! Just checking in again. I'm super excited about the new chat. Hopefully I'll be chatting on it with all of you guys very soon. =)
Much love,
3/9/2012 9:47:04 AM

I love the way you explain the tarot cards, their energy pulsates and I understand the messages. They have more insight and clarity and this is why I will register with your site. Thank you Jen
6/6/2012 4:15:01 PM

i love this site
7/5/2012 7:52:27 PM

Hi Jen, I am new to the site and I just wanted to share something with you that I think is truly spiritual, I am currently finishing my RN nursing degree, I will be taking my final exam, ironically, on the anniversary of my brother's death.. I didn't choose this date, it was chosen randomly. It warms my heart to think that maybe, just maybe, it was meant to be. I would love a reply from you on this! Thanks, Dave.
9/2/2012 12:52:24 PM

@David that is a touching message, I feel that the syncronicities around this date are for a reason, perhaps he will be there with you. Blessings <3
10/18/2012 11:43:17 PM

The tarot readings have been spot on, and thank you and God that they have been so very positive. They ahve given me hope when I really needed it. God bless you and thanks again.
10/26/2012 3:49:53 PM

dro-ann marie
I love your site. It leads me to find answers to some of the few questions in my thoughts.thank you.
1/20/2013 12:37:55 AM

I love this site very much. I'm very appreciate for your deep wisdom and Light
4/3/2013 9:07:34 AM

Hi Jen, i just wanted to let u know the page is off center and it's impossible to read tarots! How long til it's fixed? tx and also love the page!
8/21/2013 4:17:29 PM

I love your site and use it regularly but been having troubles with the tarot readings. If I use the option to shuffle, it says there is an error. Would love to have that option back. Love and Light
9/26/2013 9:07:19 AM

masi harwood
your site is great and we are so grateful to you for your lovely service to the world xxx
10/21/2013 2:06:38 PM

you are totally in tune with life, I seek nothing from you and can give you only kama. I aspire to one day be as you are.
2/5/2014 2:44:22 PM

Dear Jen
This site really is brilliant. I must say everytime I have done the angel card readings, its been an experience of its own, cant be explained but sheerly felt which is so uplifting. I have over and over come back to it(angel card reading) and its always helped me, its been so encouraging, reassuring. After each time having absorbed what your cards have to say I do feel bathed in vibrations ;) its just plain amazing.
love n light
2/16/2014 2:20:31 PM

kinda upset as i was doing readings and not sure what happened but there was no way to save them. The one i did "save" 12 month disappeared or wasn't even listed in my profile. SO....wondering if i do another if that negates the first?? Anyway i like to save ALL of mine and i noticed only a few had the ave button. Any reasons why? ;)
2/25/2014 8:36:02 PM

i want to purchase the tarot cards you use there awesome love the website
11/16/2014 6:28:25 AM

hi Jen, I found your site by pure chance. I am grateful I found it! great info thank you so much!
1/10/2015 10:42:49 PM

5/9/2015 6:24:20 AM

shining star
Hi Jen, I just want to say Thank you for the free card readings. I have been married to my husband for 32 yrs., the last 6 yrs. he became emotionally abusive to me. I came upon your website @ the onset of this & the card readings answered alot of my questions & i had alot of questions. and the answers were spot on., however, one of my biggest questions was why did he become abusive to me all of a sudden, seemingly overnight? and i still haven't found an answer to that yet. Can you tell me how to go about getting an answer? i am still with my husband but the abuse is light compared to what it was or has been. I consider myself to be a open minded (libra)person, but have searched high & low for that answer & have not found it. which, whatever the answer is, would give me some long overdue, much needed peace. I have endured what most women couldn't have & I don't know and am not aware that i have too many of the affects of the abuse.
I have tried to "give back" & have educated & helped a few women in the same situation. Again, Many Thanks
7/13/2015 6:37:33 PM

Is the Tarot card deck available for sale that is represented on this site? Thank you!!
8/29/2015 3:16:54 PM

I feel the empathy, compassion, your words are reaching out in our hearts. Your tarot readings show understanding of human nature, they give me hope. The cartomancy full reading sheds surprising light into situations - very revealing. I am just beginning to make connection with my Guide, and it is amazing how accurate it proves to be. Thank you Jen, thank you my guide.
9/10/2015 8:31:07 PM

Thank you Aleka, such beautiful words xx
10/18/2015 8:08:23 PM

Jen <3
Thank you for your lovely words, they really touch my heart and soul x
10/21/2015 7:57:13 PM

Hello Jen,
I am simply awe struck at my reading in Tarot and Angel cards. For instance, I seek angel's advice into a situation that led me to break up with my best friend. I was hurt and was wondering if this happened for a reason and I asked Angels to tell me why it happened. And not once or twice but every time that I had this question, unfailing I got the card of Angel of Protection. And I believe now that God wanted to protect me from her bad energies which my physical self failed to identify. Thank you Jen for this spiritual website and guiding lost souls in the right direction through services like Tarot and Angel cards. Also, I would like to share that I often see repeating numbers, like 222, 111, 333, 888, 555 and 777. Could you please tell me what are these numbers trying to tell me? Sending you love filled hugs and many many thanks :)
12/15/2015 10:05:35 AM

Thank you, i like this site.
I like this site.
12/17/2015 4:55:52 PM

3/24/2016 10:49:53 PM

Love your site, please keep it available.
3/26/2016 6:22:02 PM

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