Sample Reading

Sample Cartomancy Reading (with Interpretation)

Still a little unsure how to put it altogether? Thanks to a great suggestion (by La Toya  in our Guestbook) we have created a sample cartomancy reading with an interpretation. The reading was completed for ‘Gabby’ who posted it in our NewAge forum, seemed like the Universe had her pegged for this reading. *BIG* Thank you to Gabby for sharing her reading with us .

Here’s Gabby’s reading, below you will find the interpretation and then Gabby’s comments on them. If you are really interested in developing this skill set, read through the cards first and then jot down your own reading.  Then come back and read through the one here and see how you did.

Brightest blessings to all who seek to question.

Card Names

  • a prison
  • a good heart
  • someone in love with you
  • a very fair young man
  • a jovial entertainment
  • money
  • new clothes
  • a very dark woman
  • a fair young man
  • a ring
  • a fair elderly man
  • a fair woman
  • a very fair elderly man
  • a marriage bed

You need to tune out from all the other distractions around you. Concentrate on the cards, what are they saying, what pictures do you get, do you hear anything? Taste anything? Open all your senses and see which one calls to you the most. Another idea is to just starting typing, copy the card names from just above paste it into a document and just type. This is a form of channeling where your guides can work through you. Find the method that works best for you.


a prison

I’m sensing this is you, that you are currently confused, feeling alone (although not figuratively) isolated is perhaps a better word. that you are feeling surrounded on all sides and that you seem like you’ve lost the ability to have any control, a little like being on a boat without a rudder. if your confusion is surrounding a male… then, I think you’ll be ok, it looks all smooth sailing from here!

a good heart | someone in love with you | a very fair young man

All we need here is the marriage card! a good heart, someone in love with you and there’s the buoy (sorry still on the nautical theme!) – is he into boats? a fair (either skinned or hair) male, this male may in fact be younger than you either physically or spiritually and he loves you, whoever this little soul is, he adores you and his heart is good and pure and full of noble and honest intentions.

a jovial entertainment | money | new clothes

Looks like you are off to buy some new clothes! well it also appears as though the money will be provided to get you these new threads and then you’re off somewhere exciting to strut your stuff!

a very dark elderly woman | a fair young man |  a ring |  a fair elderly man |  a fair woman |  a fair elderly man | a marriage bed
Wow look at all these people… 5 people, a ring and oh look there’s that marriage card!! (who’s getting married?), why five people though? although perhaps it’s only 3? maybe those other ones are your children?… although the child card is not there. Are you close to your grandparents (or his). Are there other people involved in this relationship, previous children? ex’s? If it’s not grandparents then the only thing that appears to be putting the reigns on the wedding is those 3 in the middle, the fair elderly man, a fair woman and another fair elderly man. Let me work through this again. Is that you, are you the fair woman, stuck in the middle of two other men? – Does this make any sense to you?

Perhaps there is a situation that needs closure and honesty, once this area has been set right and completed then you will be able to move on to the next phase in your life.

There appears to be many older souls around you, perhaps guiding you or do you in fact associate with older people, perhaps you will include them in your wedding!… there’s a ring on it’s way and then when the time is right, a lovely big ol’ comfy marriage bed!

Feedback by Gabby

LORESS you are right on target! i do the readings often and often the child, wedding, ring and marriage bed will appear. He has two children whom he loves very much. He is young spiritually and not by age, you know young at heart. The truth is he does adore me very very much, and my heart rested the moment i met him and it felt right. i actually carry his child right now i think as i go for the check up tomorrow as the home test was positive and i have a daughter named gabby from my ex. so you are not wrong abt the children. there is also my ex, who i know still wants me back, though i do not wish to go back as he really mistreated me. there is also another man who loves me and who i had a short relationship with but i let go as my heart was not in it and the rest i think are just admirers! the elderly people you see, are my mum, especially the DARK elderly  woman, as she has asked me to take it slow with him. gosh you are so on target. abt the prison thing, i need to loose myself from worrying about situations i can’t change and wait patiently. thankyou so much and may you receive blessings that you desire forever for your utmost kindness, you do not know what this simple gesture of answering me has lifted a burden. actually, your reading and the other two psychics i saw here in the US HAVE MATCHED TO THE T KUDOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY THE WAY I DO LOVE THE COMPANY OF OLDER PEOPLE, I DO NOT ENTERTAIN VERY YOUNG COMPANY, I AM A YOUNG PERSON WITH AN OLD SOUL. I AM 27, BIT I AM COMFORTABLE WITH PEOPLE OF 35 AND BEYOND AND THEY ARE VERY COMFY WITH ME AND I ALSO TEND TO ATTRACT VERY MUCH OLDER GUYS! GOSH YOU ARE RIGHT!