Ask your Guide

This Ask your Guide follows along in the same tradition as the Magic 8 Ball. So if you have a question for your guide and you’d like a Yes/No type of answer then this is the place for you. Concentrate feel the connection with your own spiritual guide/angel/protector, (and when you feel the connection – perhaps a tingle, a sound, a sensation or even just a knowing), click the card to see your answer .

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How do you actually connect though?...

I got an email the other day asking me how do you exactly connect with your guide? In fact here is the email and the answer (which Clara has graciously agreed to me sharing – ty!)

Hello Jen
Thank you for replying to my first question about the sign ups. I love your site and did not realize it was just you, you are really busy I am sure. I have one other question I am hoping you can answer for me. I love your ask your guide section, however other than just clicking the button and hoping for the answer I want to hear, is there anything else you can suggest?

kindest regards

Hi Clara!
You’re more than welcome, and glad we got your sign-ins all working! Thank you for taking the time to write in again with such lovely words and hopefully I can help re the Ask Your Guide section too! This really is a good question and not surprisingly one I have had several times.

What I will do is answer how it works for me and then you can trial it and see how it fits. That is the best advice I can give for any spiritual path. Sure, read books, visit sites, study blogs but at the end of the day you need to find the “isim” that resonates most with you. For example I have read that say you must always choose a crystal with one hand only, your left one. For me I will hold them in both hands as I narrow down my selections, and occasionally I will feel that comforting tingle in my right hand and voila I find my new crystal! Whilst we are all made of the same “stuff” we get to be unique on this journey and that’s where finding and blazing your own trail will lead you to brighter and more brilliant destiny’s.

Connecting with your guide is the same principle, so remember, read what I write, study what others say and then find your place and way to connect that sits perfectly right with you.

If I have a question that I really need insight into, the first thing I do is actually set aside a dedicated time, rushing in, clicking on a button and tearing out the door, says to the Universe (your guide, your angel, your connection)”look I’m really busy, so just give it to me quick!” Taking the time and approaching this tool with intent and respect sends a completely different message.

Firstly I quiet my mind, I have spent years learning the art of meditation, so it is actually a very quick process for me, if you’re new to this, perhaps consider listening to some of the meditations available here. Once you have quietened your mind (and your surroundings – as best you can!) Focus on your question, then when you are ready click the card.

If you agree that we are all energy, then we are all made of this same stuff, you me, the desks we sit at and even the monitor, we all came from this one infinite place and happen to be put together slightly differently. Some people have written in to say that they place one hand on the monitor as the click reveal – perhaps that will work for you also!

Hope this helped you Clara and I wish you much happiness on your future journeys.