Meditation, is it for you?

Why not dedicate some time in your busy life schedule just for you? Inner peace, tranquillity, self introspection, where you can unravel your life’s decisions and bring calmness into your surroundings. Tune out from the everyday pressures and worries and learn to centre yourself and truly become one.

How do you meditate?

Firstly you need to make the mental and physical commitment to the meditation. Quite time, no distractions. Is the phone off the hook? Are you in a place where you can sit quietly without being disturbed? It is important to note that meditations should not be performed whilst driving in the car – especially as you have your eyes closed! Find a special room in your house, somewhere where you can dim the lights and is not too hot or too cool. You can sit either on a chair or on cushions on the floor, or even lying down in bed. Lying in bed is especially good for people new to meditations as five minutes sitting upright in a chair can seem like a lifetime when you’re learning. Remember that there really is no wrong or right to this ancient practice. Do what feels comfortable for you. You can even meditation during your lunch break on the tenth floor of your office building!

What do you think about?

That’s the beauty of a meditation, you don’t have to think! These guided meditations allow you to get in touch with your inner self and listen to your body, in a way that you have perhaps never tried. Each meditation has some quite reflection time. Try to sit and reflect upon the meditation and if thoughts pop into your head (as they may do) acknowledge them and then simply push them aside – this will become easier and thoughts will eventually stop popping in unannounced!

Ok. i think I’ll try it, but I’m a little scared?!

That’s fine. listen to the meditation in a well lit comforting area, perhaps while you’re cooking dinner, then when you see what it’s all about you can commit to it fully and experience the bliss, renewing and cleansing benefits of meditation.

Recently I asked the Universe for some guidance. I wanted to record meditations. Again I have been blessed and led to a wonderfully enlightening and spiritually revitalising site (site no longer live). The following meditative text is graciously donated by John from PSYR.

“We have created an unbelievably busy world for ourselves. Often time’s people are running so fast that they look like a blur. I wonder how much life experience do we miss when we only focus on what is in front of us and completing the next task in our lives?” John Whitehurst

The music is from: Kevin MacLeod Kevin offers royalty free New Age and Meditation music and is an extremely gifted and generous musician.


Clear drama, confusion and harmful energy from your space.Perfect meditation for beginners and also a great way to start your day.

Total Running Time: 12 mins

Validation of Love

This meditation is perfect for reflection, healing, re-charging and spending time with family and friends. We are all on our own unique path in life, sometimes when thrown into the mix with others at social functions and reunions we can lose sight of who we are and why we are here. A guided meditation that will help you to maintain your connection with self and to recognise and appreciate the love that surrounds you.

Total Running Time: 12 mins

Crystal Cavern

A magical journey where you collect the Six Colours of the Chakra, and take them with you as you make your way through a forest and finally find the mystical Cavern… a lovely mediation that I learnt over 10 years ago. I have tried to keep the file size down, as such there is no lead in time in this meditation… it just starts, so before you begin spend a minute or two relaxing your body, concentrate on taking long deep breaths and then begin or if you are new to meditating, try the clearing meditation first and then start this one.

Total Running Time: 17 mins

Letting Go and Surrendering

Some times letting go of that which no-longer serves us not only heals us but opens doors to that which awaits. To be able to move forward, you must learn to simply let go of the past and surrender. Here is a short-guided meditation to help us clear some of the resistance caused by the fear and uncertainty around our ability to survive, to weather the storm of life’s lessons…

Total Running Time: 8 mins

Getting Grounded

Help you reconnect with the Earth and bring more focus to your life. Great way to end your meditations, returns you to mother earth.

Total Running Time: 13 mins