We have scoured the globe searching for what we believe are the planets best spiritual divination oracles. Some we have found and some we’ve made from scratch, all of them are here for you now and of course free!

We have new and updated divination oracles on the way, so make sure you check back soon! Oh, and if you know of a divination tool that you’d like to see here, then please do write into us – even if you’re the author.

Magic 8 Ball

Just like when we were kids, now we have our very own virtual Magic 8 Ball and if you’re viewing on a mobile device you can actually shake your phone to activate it!!

Fortune Cookie

Finally, no need to wait for your next visit to the Chinese restaurant! Fortune Cookies and positive messages are available for you right now, as Confucius says: “Acquire new knowledge whilst thinking over the old, and you may become a teacher of others”.

Ask your Guide

Concentrate and when you’re ready ask your guide a question to which they can reply with a yes/no type of response.


One of the earliest forms of divination is believed to be numerology, traced back to the Egyptians. Ever wondered just what your name ads up to? Do you need to add in your middle letter of your name? Use a shorter version for example Jen instead of Jennifer. Perhaps even change your name? Join us now as we are able to provide an insight into the true greater accumulation of YOU.


Odin has indeed giving us his blessings our Odin Runes are up and ready for you

More Coming Soon: Next Divination Oracle will be available before the end of July