Daily Horoscopes

May 14, 2019
ARIES: Arians inject enthusiasm into playing the challenging rituals of daily life during May 13-16. You enjoy the foray, companionship, and money, with luck and ingenuity expanding your successes.

TAURUS: May 13-16 is an excellent time for all things financial, from managing problematic issues to finding well-paid work. The basis for your activities is sound.

GEMINI: Inspired by ambition and prepared to work, Gemini sets about making plans during May 13-16. This is a potentially successful time for you, and also an enjoyable one.

CANCER: You gain more by investing your efforts into selfless activities and ventures during May 13-16, including a genuine appreciation of humanitarian issues.

LEO: You possess a very good sense of direction during May 13-16, with plans running smoothly as a result. Good contacts are assistive in the achievement of ambitions.

VIRGO: Virgo natives are driven by routine and plans during May 13-16, necessitating extra attention to detail. You handle problems with finesse and enjoy your interactions and rewards.

LIBRA: Travel, educational matters, and publicity and legal issues are areas of strong interest to you during May 13-16. You enjoy the involvement with people, life and money then.

SCORPIO: You have so many questions about life, love, and money during May 13-16 but will enjoy the search for those answers. In your quest, you add definition and direction to your life.

SAGITTARIUS: The contentious nature of relationships is more of a thrill than an aggravation during May 13-16. You work and play well together, making the path to accomplishment easier.

CAPRICORN: Not only are your eyes set firmly on goals during May 13-16, but you also have an agenda of domestic priorities through which to plough. You work through both sets easily.

AQUARIUS: Plans revolving around a child or romance are predominant during May 13-16: success meets your every turn. Relationships are a source of joy then.

PISCES: There are financially profitable moves around you during May 13-16, in connection with property matters, domestic issues, and family. Planning and organisation are keys to success.