Daily Horoscopes

January 18, 2019
ARIES: The unsettling conditions of January 18-20 tend to find Aries people at odds with the world. Nothing will fit into nice little slots, making for disjointed activities.

TAURUS: If there’s anything you can count on during January 18-20 it’s the concept that if anything can go wrong, it will. More than anything else, you need patience right now.

GEMINI: It’s like ships passing in the night where Gemini and their friends are concerned during January 18-20. Financial impediments will limit the scope of your activity and goals too.

CANCER: If there’s going to be a falling out with someone higher up the food chain than you, then it’s likely to happen during January 18-20. You just don’t see eye to eye with authority on important issues.

LEO: Travel arrangements are likely to meet with sudden alterations and haphazard conditions during January 18-20: all the more reason to be cautious. Someone could let you down.

VIRGO: There’s a bit of a shock coming the way of many Virgo natives at some time during January 18-20. This situation may be related to health, money or work.

LIBRA: Other people seem to be in a non-committal frame of mind during January 18-20, making it difficult to know where you stand with them. Go with the flow and feel free for a day or two.

SCORPIO: Work activities tend to get complicated during January 18-20 and produce some unexpected results, so you need to exercise care. Accidents may affect your well-being if you are not careful then.

SAGITTARIUS: A rebellious frame of mind tends to create problems for the children of Sagittarian parents during January 18-20; schedules need adjustment and communications momentarily break down.

CAPRICORN: Chaotic conditions seem to be focussed on family relationships and domestic interests during January 18-20. Money or ethics could be at the cause of these problems.

AQUARIUS: With attentions scattered, it is easy to be caught up in the chaos that permeates January 18-20. Be more alert whilst travelling and take care with documents.

PISCES: The twists and turns of life seem to entangle themselves around your finances during January 18-20, producing unanticipated conditions. This specifically relates to income and possessions.