Daily Horoscopes

ARIES: Ariesí natives are brimming with fresh ideas and the energy to implement them during November 14-17, ensuring that you get things done. Your flexible approach aids in your accomplishments.

TAURUS: Scattered energies tend to prove problematic for Taurean people during November 14-17, and you need to focus first in order to overcome: others are assistive in this realisation.

GEMINI: Gemini individuals are diversifying their interests and investments during November 14-17, maximising their potential for success and enjoyment. You meet some exceptionally interesting people then.

CANCER: Your restlessness tends to drive you into the exploration of career potential or life direction during November 14-17; for you want to do something different or out of the ordinary.

LEO: Leo will be impatient with anachronistic ideas and any form of tradition during November 14-17. You want to be at the frontier of thought, testing new ideas and theories.

VIRGO: A need exists for Virgo natives to constrain their impulsiveness during November 14-17, for ill-conceived actions can create significant problems: itís not impossible to do.

LIBRA: Exciting people illustrate how routine life can become by comparison, stimulating to inject a little diversity into your own life during November 14-17. Your mood is more daring then.

SCORPIO: Youíll be more innovative with your tasks during November 14-17, whether youíre working on a project at home or are tackling something at work. Itís amazing how quickly you tackle these tasks.

SAGITTARIUS: Life will be fun during November 14-17 as try different recreational activities: perhaps some extreme sport. Parents can also experience similar trends as they get involved with the kids.

CAPRICORN: Conditions tend to be a little chaotic around the home during November 14-17, perhaps due to the restlessness of a family member. Events tend to break the monotony of life.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius tends to be impatient with the normal constraints of daily life during November 14-17, opting to diversify the way they normally do things then; a change is as good as a holiday.

PISCES: There seems to be an interest in the purchase of the latest technology or electrical items during November 14-17. Just make sure you are dealing with a reputable dealer then.